LinkedIn Success Story after Buying Endorsements and Recommendations

Another testimonial story from a satisfied customer, who bought LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations from us:

A year ago, I was a manager at a popular retail chain store. Everything seemed to be going fine, until my store went out of business, and I was let go. After that, I struggled for months to find a new job. Although I submitted resume after resume, I got callbacks for only a handful of interviews, none of which resulted in a job offer. I scoured the newspaper and Craigslist, Monster and CareerBuilder, but nothing seemed to be working. I thought I had exhausted all my options. I didn’t know what else to do, until I discovered LinkedIn Jetpack. Since I started using LinkedIn Jetpack, it has made all the difference. On my previous resumes and LinkedIn page, I was simply listing my skills and attributes, as anyone would, but it wasn’t enough to give me an edge over my competition. My resume just got lost in the pile.

However, once I began ordering LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations, everything changed, and fast. After just a few days, my LinkedIn profile had received more views than it had in the past month. My profile began to rank higher in search results, too. The endorsements, recommendations, and connections I received thanks to LinkedIn Jetpack helped my profile to appear more professional and trustworthy to prospective employers, resulting in an unprecedented number of callbacks for interviews. Anyone can list off their own abilities and good qualities, but what proof does any company have that what you say is the truth, that they can trust you? That’s where LinkedIn Jetpack comes in. Because I had the chance to have my resume vouched for by other people, this signaled to potential employers that I was not only credible, but also a dependable individual who is well-liked by both his peers and superiors. I was offered a job soon thereafter by a great company, which I gladly accepted. I am not only better paid and in a position of higher authority at the job I have now, but I’m much happier, too. Once I discovered LinkedIn Jetpack, my life began to change for the better, almost overnight. I owe my job, my happiness, and my security to LinkedIn Jetpack.