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Show your future clients, business partners or employees that you are a widely recommended professional! With LinkedIn recommendations, you can showcase the real value that you can add to any client, team or company you work with!

LinkedIn Recommendation Service Prices

5 Recommendations

+5 Recommendations
+5 Connections
1-4 Days delivery
by U.S. Profiles

10 Recommendations

+10 Recommendations
+10 Connections
1-4 Days delivery
by U.S. Profiles

20 Recommendations

+20 Recommendations
+20 Connections
1-4 Days delivery
by U.S. Profiles

30 Recommendations

+30 Recommendations
+30 Connections
1-4 Days delivery
by U.S. Profiles


You don’t have to pay when you place the order! You can pay after the delivery when you’ve already received your LinkedIn Endorsements and Recommendations, only if you are satisfied with the results. If you don’t like the results? No problem! You don’t have to pay anything, but the delivered social signals will be withdrawn in 24 hours.


Buying LinkedIn recommendations will confirm not just your skills but your overall value. Your performance, personality, and skills will be recommended by other professionals. Your next employer or client will clearly see that you are a reliable, great partner to work with.

Buy Linkedin Endorsements and Recommendations

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Buying LinkedIn Endorsements

Yes, you need to tell us exactly which previous jobs/roles of yours should be recommended. On LinkedIn all recommendation must be attached to a work experience listed on the profile. It’s not possible to write “general” recommendations that don’t belong to any listed jobs.
Yes, please send us the text of the recommendations. You know yourself better; you know what specific details need highlighting in the recommendation. Your skills, your personality your experience and knowledge? The more specific/personal it is the better. Also, you can use our free recommendation generator that can give you examples how a great LinkedIn Recommendation should look like.
Yes, all profiles who will give you LinkedIn Recommendations have profile pictures and filled profiles. Sometimes LinkedIn hides the profile picture if you are not connected to you nor have common connections with someone. In that case you – and your contacts – will see the profile picture immediately after you’ve accepted the invitation and established a connection.
Unfortunately, it’s not possible to backdate the LinkedIn Recommendations. All recommendations will be delivered within 24 hours, and they will have the current date.

If you have more questions regarding buying LinkedIn Recommendations, please visit the F.A.Q. page or contact us and we will get back to you shortly with all the answers you need! We are here to help you kickstart your LinkedIn Success story!

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