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Show your future clients, business partners or employees that you are a widely recommended professional! With LinkedIn recommendations, you can showcase the real value that you can add to any client, team or company you work with!

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+10 LinkedIn Recommendations – $69
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When you order LinkedIn recommendations from us, your order is covered with 14 days money back guarantee! We are 100% sure that you will be satisfied with our service, but in case you are not happy with our work, contact us and we issue a full refund immediately. Please read our terms of service for full details.

Why do you need LinkedIn recommendations?

LinkedIn recommendations are the ultimate social proof you could possibly have on your profile.

Buying LinkedIn recommendations will confirm not just your skills but your overall value. Your performance, personality, and skills will be recommended by other professionals. Your next employer or client will clearly see that you are a reliable, great partner to work with.

Not may people are recommending each other on Linkedin, that is why they are much more valuable than likes or skill endorsements.

Do you want to be recommended?

Buy LinkedIn Recommendations

Why buy LinkedIn recommendations from us?

Linkedin recommendations are the best way to show your profile visitors that you are a valuable professional. They validate your profile, approving that what you’ve written there is indeed true.

Bad news: Getting recommendations is not easy. Not many people give recommendations by themselves, even if they are satisfied with your work. Asking other LinkedIn members for recommendations takes a lot of time, can be uncomfortabe for some and the end result might not be the best written either.

Good news: We can deliver recommendations for you, from high qualiy profiles! Your recommendations will say exactly what you need, highlighting the right values of yours. We deliver the recommendations slowly, during several days to make them look perfectly natural.

With our help you can supercharge your profile, using the power of LinkedIn recommendations. No one will have any more doubt about your professional values!

How does our service work?

After placing your order, first, you need to send us the necessary text for the recommendations.

Then you will receive LinkedIn invitations to connect. It’s very important that you need to accept all of them, because they will recommend you later.

After you’ve accepted the invitations and you’ve confirmed it for us, your new connections start posting the recommendations.

We don’t need login information, nothing.

The recommendations will arrive slowly, during the next few days.

Buying LinkedIn Recommendations

Benefits of buying LinkedIn recommendations

Build credibility

The more LinkedIn recommendations you have, the more clear the message is: You are a valuable, respected professional, who is fantastic to work with. Your previous colleagues, bosses, clients are raving fans of your work and your attitude. They have never met another great person like you!

Be the one

With more LinkedIn recommendations, there will be no question that you will rank higher among candidates for a new job or become a prospective business partner. It’s more likely that you will be chosen for the job because the LinkedIn recommendations support your story.

Get it done

Getting LinkedIn recommendations is not easy. Most of your partners – even if they know it’s great to work with you – simply can’t or won’t express this, and begging for recommendations is time and soul consuming. If your time is more valuable than that, let us do the heavy lifting for you!

Best quality

You deserve nothing less, but the best! Your recommendations are only worthy if they come from respectable, credible people, not from obviously fake, third world country profiles. Our LinkedIn recommendations come in the highest available quality!

Do you want more LinkedIn recommendations?

We have high quality recommendations waiting for you!

Frequently Asked Questions about
buying LinkedIn recommendations

Can I choose what should be in the recommendation?

Yes, we actually require you to send us the necessary texts for the recommendations. We will not write custom texts for you, but don’t worry we have a free recommendation generator tool that can make you the texts in seconds.

Is buying LinkedIn recommendations safe?

Yes, buying LinkedIn recommendations is perfectly safe. The profiles that will recommendations you, are credible, high quality profiles, they look like anybody else on LinkedIn. Not a single customer ever had any problem because of our LinkedIn recommendations service.

Will the recommenders work at the same company?

No. On LinkedIn there is an option to recommend people even if they worked at different companies. They could have been partners, cooperating with you on projects, be your supplier and in general aware of your ways of conducting business and your professional values.

Can you spread the recommendations over X days/weeks?

Yes, by default will deliver the recommendations quite slowly, one every other day. With this pace your recommendations will look organic. If you wish to receive the recommendations even slower, we suggest ordering the smallest page multiple times with some days or weeks delay between them.

Are the LinkedIn recommendations permanent?

The profiles who will give you LinkedIn recommendations will never withdraw them, but just as we can’t control hurricanes yet, we can’t control LinkedIn’s actions either. The delivered LinkedIn recommendations are as permanent as they can be, and optimally they last forever.

Will the recommenders be from the same field?

No, and they don’t have to be. Here is an example: You could recommend your dentist for being an amazing dentist, even if you are not a dentist and you are not even in the healthcare industry.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I will not hesitate to give them 5 Stars. everything started to go up really quickly and then speed went down a little bit and then started going up in crazy speed. haha ! Thank you so much!” – Tereza Bassols

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “LinkedJepack is my number 1 website to buy LinkedIn followers, No doubt about it now. they never cease to amaze me” – Harry Gibbons

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Honestly, I have been struggling for some time to grow a bit my LinkedIn account, I know that you need to be patient but it seemed like nothing happened. A friend suggested me this website and I gave it a shot. No regrets at all!” – Elisa Laubie

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “It really works! The customer service is incredibly helpful and patient to answer all my questions. Not to mention that I got the Linkedin likes in such a short time! It’s not like you need to wait an eternity!” – Michael Heffner

Case Study: How to use LinkedIn recommendations

Andrew was a lead UX/UI designer, working at a big corporation. During COVID he had to work from home and when finally, he could go back to the office, he didn’t feel like doing so. After getting a taste of the freedom that remote working provided, he decided to leave his well-paid job and start his own small company, with the aim of building better website and app interfaces for his future clients.

Being an amazing UX/UI designer is one thing, but doing marketing for your own company and getting clients is completely different challenge. Reaching out directly to companies with cold calls and emails, offering his services didn’t seem working.

After reading many articles about social selling and marketing, he figured, that the best way to attract new clients is to posting content on LinkedIn. Posting his portfolio was not engaging enough, he got a few likes and comments such as “Nice design!” but that’s all. Then he got a great idea to create an engaging post series about “interface design fails” to show what kind of mistakes companies often make on their websites that end up hurting their business.

These new posts were working better than posting his portfolio, but it was not real break-through either, the problem was still the lack of engagement and paying clients.

Takeaway: First you need to find you niche and the communication channel with the best results in terms of ROI. Creating engaging content seems easy, but driving meaningful engagement that converts to paying customers might be harder than it seems. Pivot and refine your strategy until you find the sweet spot, where your marketing/sales works the best.

That’s when Andrew stumbled upon our website and reached out to us pointing out some of our design fails – that we’ve fixed since then, thank you! – in exchange we decided to help him with his LinkedIn marketing strategy.
Our suggestion was to conduct some market research first, to understand his clients better, what they need, what are their pain points. As it turned out, the biggest problem was not just having bad user interfaces and design, but also working with people who were not nice to work with. From this, it was clear how to proceed.

Andrew bought a lot of skill endorsements to confirm that he is a great designer, but most importantly it showed that people like him enough to endorse him. On the top of that, bought written recommendations that highlighted how amazing is to work with him.

Finally, we’ve delivered a few hundred likes and posted some comments on his articles. Most of the comments were asking for help about graphics design and user interface issues, related to the content in the posted. As Andrew replied to those comments it became clear to his network; He knows what he talks about, he is good in his profession and most importantly, he is communicative, helpful, available for his clients and network.

He did not have to wait long for the results. After our initial engagement delivery, soon real engagement started appearing on his posts. Company owners and entrepreneurs were asking questions and help about UX/UI issues. He made it part of his daily routine to spend 10 mins on replying to these comments, and gaining a lot of fruitful business connections and paying clients in the process.

Takeaway: Sometimes it’s not obvious what is the real pain of your clients. In this case the clients simply needed someone who listens to them. Find your client’s pain points and highlight it on your profile that you are the best match to resolve that problem. By buying skill endorsements, written recommendations and happy comments under your posts, your clients will see your claims validated by third party individuals.

What are you waiting for?

You could have +5 recommendations by this time tomorrow!