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With our free LinkedIn recommendation generator, you can generate free LinkedIn recommendation examples with a single click. Just complete the basic data in the form and we will instantly generate free, personalized LinkedIn recommendation samples containing the name, company, position, and skills you have set.

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Free LinkedIn Recommendation Generator

free linkedin recommendation generator

Most Frequently Asked Questions about writing LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn recommendation generator uses recommendation templates, that we collected from real people. After filling your personal information to the form, you will receive personalized LinkedIn recommendation examples. The recommendation sample result can be perfect and ready to use as it is, but in some cases it might need further editing. We suggest to read the computer-generated recommendations, just in case it has some mistakes.
We have a lot of friends and business partners on LinkedIn, we collect these recommendation samples from their profiles with their approval. Our software uses these real recommendations collected from real profiles and filling them with your input, to make 100% personalized results for you. If there are grammatical or other mistakes in the recommendations, that means the original people who wrote them made the same mistakes. We are human, it’s ok to make mistakes.
Yes, they are perfect for any role! If you want to make recommendations for your boss, for a manager, just try our recommendation generator and you will get perfect recommendations for your project manager or anyone. You can use generated result as it is, or you can add further details to make it more personal. The key of a good recommendation is to make it personal, by highlighting the important skills, of course, the name of the recipient, the role, company name and maybe some more things that you feel important to mention. Our goal was to make it easy and fun to recommend people. You can get the initial idea here, that you can develop further to make a perfect recommendation.
The service is free, you can generate as many LinkedIn recommendation samples as many you want. We are happy to help you, taking the struggle out of the recommendation writing. Just generate some samples quickly and add your own thoughts to make them perfect! Your connections will surely appreciate your recommendations.
It’s hard to tell how many variations can the LinkedIn recommendation generator make because it builds the text from randomly picked sentences and even changes synonyms in the text. If you play with it for long enough, will have the feeling that it’s repeating itself because we have a limited amount of base sentences in the database, but the synonyms will be different in every case. The chance to generate two totally identical recommendations is almost the same as winning the lottery. And don’t forget, we suggest to customize the text further with your additional thoughts to make it more meaningful and personal.