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When you order LinkedIn comments from us, your order is covered with 14 days money back guarantee! We are 100% sure that you will be satisfied with our service, but in case you are not happy with our work, contact us and we issue a full refund immediately. Please read our terms of service for full details.

Why do you need LinkedIn comments?

You need initial comments coming in after you publish your posts, otherwise LinkedIn will not share it to a bigger audience. Buying Linkedin comments can help you jump that treshold and go viral.

You need comments not just to go viral, but to support your inluencer status. Posts with no comments look better and drive more engagement, supporting your influencer status.

You need comments to attract more comments! When someone sees a post in the news feed with many comments and other interactions, it’s more likely they check it out as they see there is a buzz around it… it’s trending!

Do you want to control the buzz?

Buy LinkedIn Comments

Why buy LinkedIn comments from us?

To boost your posts, you need LinkedIn comments that look as organic as possible, delivered in a natural way, so LinkedIn’s algorithm will see the interest about your content and share it further.

Bad news: Getting LinkedIn post comments can be hard, especially when you are starting off and don’t have many followers yet. Even if you post great, valuable content, people can’t see them and it feels like you just post for yourself.

Good news: We can deliver organic looking comments, safely, from high quality profiles from the United States, within a short timeframe, so your post could become more visible, attract the engagement that you deserve for your amazing content.

With our help you can inflate the number of your LinkedIn post comments. Make you look more influential, more successful and attract even more customers.

How does our service work?

After placing your order, many people will visit your post on LinkedIn and start posting comments.

You you can chose to receive our generic comments or your custom comments? In case you prefer the custom, then you need to send us the text of the comments.

After receiving the custom text, we start delivering our order.

The maximum delivery time is 4 days, but we usually deliver the LinkedIn comments much faster, often within a day.

Buying LinkedIn Likes

Do you want more comments on your posts?

We have the best quality LinkedIn comments waiting for you!

Benefits of buying LinkedIn comments

More visitors

When people comment on your posts, it’s displayed on their profiles and in their network’s news feed as well. The more comments you buy, the bigger audience could see your post.

More engagement

When your audience sees that your post has many comments, it catches their attention. They are more likely to open the post, like it, read the comments and join the conversation, driving you more engagement.

More influence

When you position yourself as an expert, a thought leader, you must have many comments to support your status. Without comments, your posts look lonely and abandoned, but when you have many comments, your audience sees the confirmation of your expertise by your followers. When you buy LinkedIn comments, your buy confirmation of your expert status!

More visibility

When your post has many comments, LinkedIn’s algorithm will grant it more visibility in your network. That is why your posts need many comments to show the algorithm that it’s worthy for wider audience. Buying LinkedIn comments can boost the visibility of your posts!

We have 3 kinds of Linkedin comments for you

Chose the type of comments that match your post’s content

Love it!

When you post something amazing, we can post comments saying things like: “Wow, I love it!” or “Thanks for sharing, this is incredible!”

These comments express amusement about the content of your post. For example you post a new graphics design you’ve made or maybe your new website or online-course you launched. The comments will be about loving that.


When you post about your achievements, progress, success, we can post things like: “I’m so happy for you” or “Congratulations!”

These comments express not only the amusement about the content, but also a certain level of support and congratulations. For example, you post that you’ve reached your next goal. The comments will be congratulating for that.


When you post something that needs comments that are less general, we can post exactly what you want.

You can send us the exact text of the comments and we publish those at your post. For example you post something technical and you would like to receive more tech-savvy comments. No problem, send us the text that you would like to receive.

Which kind of comments do you prefer?

Love it, Congrats or Custom? We are ready to start delivering them!

Frequently Asked Questions about
buying LinkedIn comments

Can you spread the LinkedIn comments over X days/weeks?

No, we can’t. You will receive new comments every 5-10 minutes, so they can help the ranking of your post.

Is buying LinkedIn comments safe?

Yes, buying LinkedIn comments is perfectly safe. You have no control over who comments on your public posts, so you can’t held reliable just because people decided to comments on them. Also our comments look perfectly organic. Not a single customer ever had any problem because of our LinkedIn comments service.

What will be the bought LinkedIn comments about?

You can chose from three kinds of comments: “Congrats”, that are generic comment collected from LinkedIn, congratulating for whatever is in the post. “Love it”, that are also generic comments, expressing amusement about whatever is in the post. “Custom” comments, that you could send us and we will post exactly what you want. We will not write custom comments for you.

Can I split the LinkedIn comments to multiple posts?

When you place your order, you can place multiple orders at once, defining multiple target posts where we could deliver the ordered LinkedIn comments. The smallest package is 10 comments. You can decide to receive less comments, but you can’t split them to multiple posts.

Are the LinkedIn comments permanent?

The profiles who give you the LinkedIn comments, will never withdraw them, but just as we can’t control hurricanes yet, we can’t control LinkedIn’s actions either. The delivered LinkedIn comments are as permanent as they can be, and optimally they last forever.

Can I have different number of comments?

You can order 1, 5, 10, 20 or 30 comments, but if you want a different number of comments under your post, then we suggest repying to some of the comments. This way, instead of exactly 30 comments, you can have any other number because your comments also count in the displayed number.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “When it comes to linkedin comments, I have some experience with other providers and I cannot say that it was a nice one. It took a long time to get the comments and I had to chase them quite a lot. But this is not the case here. Linkedjetpack offers an incredible service and the delivery was on point! Million thanks! You just made a regular customer!” – Bill McHugh

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I am a social media junkie and I had no idea that it takes just a few minutes to boost your LinkedIn profile! Having more LinkedIn comments helped me so much to generate more traffic and then, everything comes naturally. Amazing idea and brilliant service!” – Alexandra Nelson

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I will come back and place other orders for sure! Since I started using this tool I had significant traffic on my profile. Thank you for delivering such a great service! Totally worth buying the Linkedin comments package.” – Chris Tapler

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “The delivered comments are so on point that I could not tell which are bought and real. Amazing service!” – Edwin Radtka

Case Study: How to use LinkedIn comments

Susan has recently changed her career and started working as a business coach. To build her personal brand, among other things, she decided to make interviews with other people related to her field. This way she could create a lot of content, present her skills to potential clients and reach bigger audience through the interviewed people. It was a sound strategy, but there was a problem with it.

Susan was new on the field with no follower base as a business coach. Even if she was great in what she was doing, she had difficulties landing meaningful interview partners and getting traction. The lack of engagement on her posts did not look good for the prospects or new interview partners.

When she asked people for interviews, they were not intrigued. She often got rejected because her previous videos had barely engagement. They said it doesn’t worth them to participate and spent time on the interviews that can’t reach a bigger audience.

She knew that to get the real influencers she has to become one herself too, she just did not know how. She did everything right: She was creating valuable content every day, her posts showed clearly that she is good in business consulting, following the latest trends, yet her audience was not growing.

Takeaway: Even if you are great in your profession and you know that you deserve better results, growing your follower base can be very challenging. There are so many posts and information out there, that at times it might feel impossible to cut through the noise and get the attention of your desired audience. You are not alone with this problem, it’s a common challenge for every business.

One day, when Susan was meeting her friends, she told them about the struggles with her new career. Fortunately one of her friends was familiar with our services and he recommended us, because he knew that our services were the solution to Susan’s problems.

After getting familiar with our offers, Susan decided to create a solid foundation for her personal brand by strengthening her LinkedIn profile. First, she bought 500+ LinkedIn connections to her profile to became well connected on LinkedIn. Then she bought a thousand LinkedIn followers as well, to make her profile look more influential.

After finishing her superstar profile, Susan bought a few hundred LinkedIn likes for her posts and a finally bought LinkedIn comments as well, saying things like: “Wow! Amazing interview, I’ve learned so much from it, thank you! I can’t wait for the next one!”

When Susan reached out to the next potential interviewees, they saw that she had an amazing LinkedIn profile, big and active follower base and raving fans of her content, the engagement rates are through the roof! She had no problem anymore with securing people for her interviews as everyone was eager to cooperate with her.

Soon, her audience started growing organically, she was receiving more and more connection requests, followers, engagement on her posts and most importantly paying customers as well! She became a real influencer in her field and her carrer is now a success story.

Takeaway: Buying LinkedIn connections, followers and endorsements can strengthen your profile, while buying LinkedIn likes, followers and comments can supercharge your online presence. Use them strategically to amplify the results of your social selling efforts and boost your ROI.

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