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Benefits of buying LinkedIn Likes

LinkedIn Likes Service Prices

100 LinkedIn Likes

from the U.S.
1-4 Days delivery
to max 1 post


250 LinkedIn Likes

from the U.S.
1-4 Days delivery
to max 1 post


500 LinkedIn Likes

from the U.S.
1-4 Days delivery
to max 2 posts

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When you buy LinkedIn Likes, your order is covered with 14 days money back guarantee! We are sure that you will be satisfied with your new LinkedIn Likes, but if you won’t be, just contact us, and we will issue a full refund immediately.

How does our service work?

Buying LinkedIn likes is very quick and easy. You just need to tell us how many LinkedIn likes you need and the internet address of your news feed posts or pulse articles to deliver. When you order more than 250 LinkedIn likes, you can split the order to multiple posts, for example, you can buy 500 LinkedIn likes and we deliver them to 2 different posts. Also, you can tell how many likes you want to each post.


Why buy LinkedIn Likes from us?

Buying LinkedIn Likes

You want a reliable provider to deliver your LinkedIn likes as fast as possible and in the best quality possible. You want your LinkedIn likes from the United States, which look real, with fully filled profiles, so people can’t tell at first glance that the number of likes on your posts got boosted artificially. You want fast replies from the customer service and first class treatment, without any wasted time or unnecessary struggle. You want 14 days money back guarantee if you don’t like the service for any reason.


Buying LinkedIn likes can get your more visitors and even more likes, but most importantly it can strengthen your expert, thought leader status and helps your content go viral by boosting your it’s visibility.

buy LinkedIn likes

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Buying LinkedIn Likes

Every profile that will like your post(s) has a profile picture, English name, and location in the United States. They have work experience and educational background. They are completely normal LinkedIn profiles, just like yours.
Yes, you can. The number of posts you can split the order to depends on your order. For example if you buy only 100 or 250 LinkedIn likes, you can select only 1 post to deliver. But if you buy 500 or 1000 LinkedIn likes, you can request the delivery to 2 or 5 posts!
No, we can’t. We accept orders to existing posts only, and the likes will be delivered as soon as possible. We don’t accept orders for posts which will be published in the future. If you need LinkedIn likes every week, you should place a new order every week.
Yes, it’s perfectly safe, since you can’t control who likes your posts. LinkedIn can’t and won’t punish their members because their posts went viral and a lot of people liked them. You have absolutely nothing to worry about.
Yes, you can! Our packages include maximum 100, 250, 500 and 1000 LinkedIn likes, but it’s your decision how many you want to use from the maximum possible. You can also tell how many likes you want to each post. For example if you order 500 LinkedIn likes, you can tell us to deliver 90 likes to post #1 and 410 likes to post #2. It’s completely up to you, how to distribute the number of likes, but keep in mind, even if we try our best, the actual number of delivered LinkedIn likes can differ by 5%, meaning: You might receive a bit more or a bit less likes on the posts.
Please define permanent. Everyone considered the electric grid of Puerto Rico permanent, until unfortunately in 2017 the hurricane Irma destroyed it. The profiles who give you the LinkedIn likes, will never withdraw them, but just as we can’t control hurricanes yet, we can’t control LinkedIn’s actions either. The delivered LinkedIn likes are as permanent as they can be, and in optimally they last forever.

If you have more questions regarding buying LinkedIn Likes, please visit the F.A.Q. page or contact us and we will get back to you shortly with all the answers you need! We are here to help you kickstart your LinkedIn Success story!