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We care about you, and we want to offer you a worry free experience.
That is why you and your order is protected on LinkedJetpack.
On this page, you find information about:

  1. Why is our service safe?
  2. What is covered by our money-back guarantee?
  3. How are your bank card transactions secured?
  4. How we keep your orders discreet?

Why is our service safe?

When you have a LinkedIn profile and you post content on LinkedIn, you can adjust their visibility settings. If you chose to make your profiles and your posts visible for everyone, that means exactly that EVERYONE will be able to interact with those.

You have no control over who visits your LinkedIn profile, starts following you or send you a connection requests. The same applies to your posts. Once they are published, everyone can visit them, like them, share them or comment on them, without your permission.

LinkedIn will never penalize you because of other people who interacted with your profile and your posts, because you literally have no control over other EVERYONE ELSE’s actions and therefore you can not be held reliable for those.

LinkedIn monitors YOUR interactions, because they try to keep their website and database safe from data scraping and spam. That means, if your interactions on LinkedIn are too fast or too many, you might get a warning or even suspension from LinkedIn. However, these are always results of YOUR actions. Just because of our service can’t negatively affect your account that doesn’t mean that you are free to spam and abuse LinkedIn’s system. To keep your LinkedIn account in good standing, make sure to not abuse their system with YOUR profile.

What is covered by our money-back guarantee?

We both use LinkedIn. You are using it with your account to post content and we use it with ours to deliver different interactions – for example followers and likes – to your profile and posts. LinkedIn’s acceptable use policy forbids our services, because our interactions are not a result of genuine interest, but they are made because you paid for them. Therefore, LinkedIn has the right to remove these interactions, if they detect them.

Fortunately, most of the time we can operate without being detected and the delivered interactions last forever. However, a few times LinkedIn – this billion dollar company and their well paid IT department – happens to be better than us.

Unfortunately we can’t forsee or avoid this completely, there is always a tiny bit of a chance that they find our interactions, that are against their acceptable use policy. We can’t protect the delivered interactions from LinkedIn on their own website. That is why, as we advertised on our website: we offer 14 days guarantee. If anything happens to the delivered interactions within 14 days, we re-deliver them or give you a full refund. After the 14 days guarantee period has passed, we don’t re-deliver the interactions or give refund as you wish.

The only service not covered by our 14 days guarantee is buying LinkedIn accounts. The reason is that once you have access to the accounts it’s your responsability to use them properly, to keep them safe. We can’t provide guarantee for accounts that might got suspended because of your actions and misuse.

How are your bank card transactions secured?

When you order any services from LinkedJetpack at the end of the ordering process we redirect you to our payment provider. You enter your bank card information on their secure website. Since you enter the bank card information on their website, not on ours, we don’t have access to your bank card information. We only get a notification from them that the payment was successful or not and they redirect your browser back to our website when the transaction is completed.

Let’s summarize this:

  • We don’t have access to your bank card information
  • We can’t charge your bank card again at a later time
  • We can’t charge your bank card more than the current transaction

How we keep your orders discreet?

First of all, there is nothing wrong with paying for likes or for other interactions. Big companies are doing this all the time and the whole society is perfectly fine with it, as you can see it in our explanatory post. Of course, we also we understand if you want to keep things private, that is why we never share our customer’s profiles or posts with others as “example” or “reference”. If you tried to ask our customer service to show you examples of our service, we politely denied your request due to privacy reasons.

Your bank card transaction is also discreet, because we charge your bank card as “LINKEDIN SERVICE” or “LI MARKETING SERVICE”, not describing the exact nature of the service. Futhermore, as merchant name, instead of LINKEDJETPACK you can see LINKEDICIOUS to make your transaction even more discreet.

Contacting us

If you have any questions about our service, our 14 days guarantee or anything else, please contact us using our contact form.

Málaga, Spain

This document was last updated on 17 February, 2022