Free Fancy Text Generator

Make your LinkedIn profile and posts visually stunning!

LinkedIn doesn’t allow you to format the text on your profile or in your posts.

Fortunately, with our free LinkedIn fancy text generator, you can turn any normal text into eye-catching, formatted text in seconds!

Just paste or write your text into our fancy text generator and you receive several stunning versions immediately! Italic, bold, underlined, gothic text? We’ve got you covered!
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Frequently Asked Questions about
the fancy text generator

How to use this fancy text generator?

Simple as 1-2-3: First, copy the text that you would like to make more fancy into our fancy text generator. Second, look at the instantly generated options, to see which design fits your needs the best. Third, highlight and copy the fancy text from out website to LinkedIn. That’s it! Super simple!

Why are some of the black boxed letters colored?

That’s a very good question. We have no idea, but it is like that. The letters and symbols are from the Unicode world standard character library, so it’s not us deciding that those letters should be red or blue, it’s how they are made.

Are there are drawbacks of using unicode characters on LinkedIn?

There are some things that you should consider: Unicode texts are NOT searchable, so don’t convert your main keywords into unicode, otherwise it migh hurt your ranking. Also, unicode characters might not be displayed the same on every device, however we checked on several desktop computers, Android and iOS devices and they were perfectly fine.

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