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Steps of creating a stunning mission statement

Be unique and specific

The point of your mission statement is to set you apart, to express your uniqueness. Avoid using general statements that are not unique to your business. You don’t want to be just one of a million, you want to be the one.

Focus on the future

A mission statement as it’s name suggest is about your mission for the future. Think about your mission as the high-level goal for next few years, including How you’re improving your customers lives.

Express your core values

Express the core values that define your company, things that are important to you. You have to be clear about your core values to attract the ideal customer who shares the same interests.

Keep it simple

Dig down to the foundation of your business, to understand what makes it unique, and express that in the most simple way possible. The longer the mission statement, the harder to remember.

Provide direction

Make sure your mission statement is something everyone in your company can understand and use a guideline. Staying true to the mission statement can prioritizing work and keeping the company progress to the right direction.

Frequently Asked Questions about
writing Mission Statements

How to write an amazing mission statement?

1. Start by defining why you’re in business. Think about the days when you were about to start your company. What did you set out on a mission to do? What problem were you trying to solve? Whose lives did you want to improve by starting your business?

2. Think about what makes your business special and stand out from competitors. Do you have a unique approach or point of view? Do you specialize in something? What is your unique angle?

3. Combine your answers to the above questions and there you have your mission statement.

Mission Statements vs. Vision Statements?

A company’s mission statement differs from its vision statement. While the mission statement remains unchanged for the most part and represents who the company is or aspires to be for the entirety of its existence, the vision statement can change. This statement outlines what the company needs to do to remain the way it has presented itself to be. In effect, a company’s mission is its identity, and the vision is its journey to accomplishing its mission.

What are the benefits of a mission statement?

A mission statement helps clarify the company’s purpose. With a mission statement, a company’s customers and investors can rest assured that the company is fully committed to achieving its goals and values. It is also useful to guide and motivate employees, keeping them in line with the company’s values.

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