Grow Your Business with LinkedIn Endorsements!

LinkedIn Endorsements and Recommendations are not only good for landing a job, but they can help business owners too, to find new partners, investors and of course clients. LinkedIn is the best place to seek and find business connections. The next testimonial what we received is from an entrepreneur who was struggling with the business, until she realized what was missing!

“Yesterday’s failures should be forgotten! Tomorrow’s new hope and new fulfilment must be cherished!”
These words of Sri Chinmoy have always empowered me emotionally but I still remember the moment of sheer hopelessness just before my life changed.
“No, this is not going to work!”

I never wanted to hear this but Stephen, my silent business partner and investor, had actually lost his faith in my business plan that were getting failed one after another . Somehow, I gathered my wits and decided to fight back. “This will work, Stephen. You know we have to make it work anyway. You and I have spent a whole lot of money in creating this business setting.” I tried to convince Mr. Stephen who was fed up of all the efforts for our business promotion and even after a year of striving hard we were unable to get enough clients. He looked at the pile of to-be-paid bills and I also followed his gaze reluctantly. ”Alright, what do you have in your mind now? I have done my best but nothing seems to solve our problems. Even I have lent money from my friends that I need to return now and I cannot invest more. I am sorry I have to say this but I cannot afford failures and setbacks anymore Mr. John.”

Although his tone was a bit impolite but deep inside I knew Stephen was suffering from financial crisis now as he had invested too much to make our little enterprise run. “I won’t quit!” I murmured to myself without a sound and came home heavy-hearted. To my surprise, Shawn and Karen were waiting for me to return outside my apartment. Both of them were my old business college friends who were running a successful hardware business and landed here from New York to attend a seminar. While having coffee, I noticed they were answering too many calls from clients and using words like ‘LinkedIn endorsement’ and ‘LinkedIn Recommendations’ frequently in their mutual discussions. When I inquired, I got surprised how had turned them from spare parts dealers to the owners of S&K Company. They left me motivated once again. It was 11pm; I made another coffee, opened my laptop and tried to log in my already existing but ignored and forgotten LinkedIn account. After few tries for password, it finally showed success. This was the moment that changed my life and somehow I knew I had unlocked the door to success. My next step was to visit and choose the endorsement plan according to my needs. Getting inspired by the features and optimum benefits of LinkedIn recommendations and endorsements I got surprised by the very affordable plans and the huge number of endorsements associated with them. But which one should I choose? “Haven’t I just seen the proof of success of LinkedIn recommendations?” I thought with confidence and selected the best value $60 plan that came with 1000 endorsements and 10 recommendations. The delivery time was perfect 4 days. Yes I had to wait for four days only and the results just blew my mind. Within a month my contact list grew bigger and people started contacting me themselves for ordering the work supplies our enterprise was offering at affordable rates. When I shared my success results and LinkedIn recommendations benefits with Stephen after 45 days and he was like “Oh my God! It is unbelievable!” The amusement was indescribable.

I knew I had all the skills required to run a perfect business but what I lacked was the acknowledgment and social proof of my competencies. helped me getting endorsed in business community and among customers by elevating the rank of my profile. I must say that LinkedIn endorsements did all the work for me while I was sitting in my office or home enjoying the regular orders placed by my happy customers. But my story does not end here as I have got something more to tell you. Today, because of LinkedIn recommendations, I and Stephen are going to sign partnership agreement with another company. Now when our business is growing at its fastest pace, I won’t forget to thank for holding my hand and to put me on the right track in the right way.