Where should you buy LinkedIn Endorsements?

Let’s not discuss that it is worth it or not to buy LinkedIn endorsements, because in a previous article about LinkedIn Endorsements we explained that in detail. If you didn’t read that article yet, you totally should, because it has some aspects that will surprise you for sure.

The only remaining question is: Where should anyone buy LinkedIn endorsements if he decides to do so? Because the internet is big, there are millions of websites, service providers, and it’s hard to make a good decision in our “ad-polluted” world.

I can tell you right now that you should buy from LinkedJetpack.
But you will ask why should you trust LinkedJetpack and not some other service?

I could say that “Because we give the best quality and value for your money”. But this sounds pure marketing, and lacks of proof. So here are some proof, because we have tried several service providers by curiosity, and we     have first-hand experience with the results. Here are some bad examples what will you get for your money if you don’t trust me and my recommendation:

Example 1: Do you want recommendations from criminals?

“Chris has tremendous knowledge in the tech space and have been pleasantly surprised in the value he brings to my projects. Look forward to working with him again soon. Thank you sir.” – This is a recommendation from “Tony Murphy”, who is a Social Media Director at Harriet Carter from the Greater Nashville Area.

Fake Recommendations

Interestingly he recommended Christopher on the exact same day as other 5 people. Because this is kind of rare, I right clicked his picture, selected “google this image” from the drop-down menu, and within 2 seconds I had lot of search results of his picture listed on my display:

Fake Recommendations

First of all, that is perfectly normal, if the same image pops up in the search results with a lot of different names, because on LinkedIn on every profile, there are suggested “similar profiles” showing up. So when I visit for example Steve Richards profile, there can be our “Tony Murphy” on the right side, as someone with similar skills, suggested by LinkedIn. And that is why google shows us Tony’s picture on other profiles too. Don’t be confused because of this, this is not an indicator or a fake profile. But these certainly are:

Fake Recommendations

Whoops! Let’s click the link and read the article, what did our “Tony Murphy” do?
This Credit Card Fraud and DUI doesn’t sound good at all. Here is the screenshot of the article:

Fake Recommendations

Interestingly Mr. Michael Powers looks like a twin brother of our “Tony Murphy” wearing the same black shirt and standing in front of the same white wall. But he is in Great Britain not in Greater Nashville Area.

I think after this demonstration It’s not necessary explain further, why is it extremely important to pick a reliable provider if we want to buy LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations. Unless your goal is to receive LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations from criminals. And on criminals of course I am not talking about “Tony Murphy” alias Michael Powers, because he is just charged, and maybe he turned out to be innocent. I have no information about that.

If you don’t want a hiccup like the one in the example above, we recommend using our service because  that way you will receive endorsements from real profiles from real people. Several professionals across the globe are using our services, we are reliable, fast and provide professional service for you.

Of course there are several other providers available, even with lower prices! LinkedinJetpack is not the cheapest (and not the most expensive either) solution, but we provide great value and quality for your money.

Fake Recommendations

Example 2: For art lovers

Here is another example from where you we bought endorsements for fantastic $5. That is a bargain right? Of course the quality of the service is accurately represented by the price. Let’s see what we got for $5:

Fake Recommendations

I really admire Brayden, because he has so much energy to have four jobs at the same time right? Wow, he is a Sales Manager, Technician, Network Engineer, Executive Assistant and the President of Gershon Media simultaneously, in the past 2 years. Let’s google his picture quickly, and big applause please for Mr. Lyndon Meyer:

Fake Recommendations

Example 3: A customer who contacted us using the live chat

Does your company have a physical US address and phone number?
We are in Spain. We have physical address and phone number here.
Yes, I am sorry, but I had a bad experience with non US companies. I purchase this service from 3 different companies to find out later 2 were in Pakistan and 1 in Russia. Never received the single service contracted and although every one stated guarantee  money back policy, I had to fight with my CC to get my money back.

We don’t have any problem with Russians or Pakistanis in general, we even hired a programmer from Pakistan to make our recommendations generator better. But these stories that sometimes we hear, are terrible. Not just because some other sellers give some customers a hard time, but also because they notoriously eroding the market itself. Our way here on LinkedJetpack is to build trust to have satisfied customers who even recommend us to their friends, because their experience with us was pleasureful and the services they received were high quality.