Free trip to Mexico with LinkedIn Endorsements?

This is the most “click bait” topic so far on our LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations blog, but it’s accurate. One of our clients has landed a job as a photographer, and now he is on a trip to Mexico. Ok it’s not a holiday, but still counts. We are eager to hear your story too!

Standing high on a hill and capturing the embellished natural scenery of sunrise with my latest camera, I was thinking that how hardships develop our inner strength and make us struggle even more to come out of the storm as a winner.
Photography was my passion and I never compromised over it not even when consecutive losses left me in the worst financial state. I remember how I used to wait for bus along the roadside, as my beloved car was sold out and so was my beautiful home. My heart used to twitch while trying to think about different ways to pay the rent of my single room. One day, while I was sitting on bus stop I saw a cute little girl in white tulle frock smelling a beautiful rose. Her eyes were sparkling with joy. I captured the moment in my camera and thought to share this picture with her parents who were busy talking to each other. When I showed the snapshot, her father surprisingly looked at me and asked, “Are you a professional photographer?” I told him that I used to work with a company but because of conflicts among partners, it was taken over by a third party and I lost my job. I didn’t know why I was telling a stranger all this but he was listening carefully and it was all I needed that time when I was feeling really low. He asked for my LinkedIn profile address and said that he would love to write a LinkedIn recommendation for me there as I really deserved it. But, before I could fetch my LinkedIn profile address far from the lost memory, their bus arrived and off they went leaving me behind standing on bus stop with “LinkedIn” and “recommendation” words flashing in my mind.
Giving up was never me and now when I had a bright idea in my mind, how could I delay it. So I stopped a taxi and headed my room. The first thing that I did was to open Google and checked different options to increase LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations. While surfing I came across and when I opened the site, it was like “this is what I was really looking for.” Three plans at very suitable rates and with thousands of LinkedIn endorsements being offered. I searched my empty pockets and managed to find out a debit card with only $200 saved in it. If you can’t take risks you won’t succeed. I paid $50 and purchased the best value plan. It took only 15 days when I started receiving messages from people and other employers who wanted to hire me for their photography projects. The quality of my work turned most of my clients into regular ones and I developed very friendly and cooperative working relationship with many.
LinkedInjetpack empowered me to take further challenges in life. LinkedIn endorsements provided the support to my career when I needed it the most. Now as I am sharing my success story with you, I am associated with top rated “Amazing Nature” magazine and on a tour to Mexico to confine lovely scenes of wonderful places into my small camera. But do not think it’s my story. It’s story of both me and LinkeInjetpack and I am not the main character of course.