The big question: FAKE or REAL?

Are you looking for LinkedIn likes, followers, connections, or other services from REAL profiles?

Before we get there, here is a question for you:

Do you think is it possible to buy a real Rolex watch for $200
or a real Gucci handbag on the beach for $20?

Buy REAL LinkedIn Likes, followers and connections

No one on the internet is selling real likes, followers, connections, endorsements, etc.

That service – just like the real $200 Rolex – simply, does not exist. The question is not that are you getting fake or not, but the quality of those fake profiles that deliver the service. Let that sink in for a moment.

Our competitors promote their services, saying that you will receive the services from real profiles, but the sad truth is – we tried them all, so we know – that they are using terrible, obviously fake profiles.

When those interact with your LinkedIn profile, posts or company page there is a big chance they ruin your reputation, because even blind people – using a screen reader – will see that all your likes, comment, endorsements, etc., are fake.

Let’s see a real profile and compare it with a fake profile from one of our competitors.
Can you spot the differences?

Buy REAL LinkedIn Likes, followers and connections
Fake or Real LinkedIn Profile

Fake LinkedIn profiles usually don’t have profile pictures, or as you can see in the link, they use stolen photos of people. They often have no headline, no connections, even if you order U.S. profiles, they likely come from somewhere else.

Fake LinkedIn profiles usually don’t have work experiece, especially not consistent where the dates and the career makes some sense. As you can see on this example, the experience and education sections are completely missing.

Having one terrible empty, fake profile might not be the end of the world. Right? But when you start receiving LinkedIn likes – or whatever else – from a swarm of fake profiles to your post, that can escalate quickly. It’s pretty suspicious when none of the people who liked your post have a single job or education or anything…

Fake or Real LinkedIn Profile Likes
Fake or Real LinkedIn Profile Likes

What do you prefer?

Receiving likes and other services from fake profiles
or from real profiles like in the example above?

But here is the thing about George Walls’ profile in the comparison and all other real people in the last screenshot who gave the likes. None of them are real. They are all fake. George Walls doesn’t exist, neither any of the people on the screenshots. Yet, you believed they are real.

As you can see, it’s impossible to tell the difference between real profiles and a real-looking fake profiles, since they appear the same. Just like with fake Rolex watches, until you take them to your own hands for closer inspection you can’t tell the difference.

Buy REAL LinkedIn Endorsements, Group members

Fortunately, on LinkedIn there is no way to do a closer inspection, and no one has time for that anyway. If a LinkedIn profile looks real enough, then there is no way to tell if there is a real person behind it or not. Just because some profiles are filled with more information and some with less, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are real or fake, it just shows that the owner of the profile spent more or less time filling it.

Now, that we were 100% real with you
and showed you all the facts of the market,
you have three options to choose from:

  1. You order from our competitors and receive low quality profiles just like you saw in the examples
  2. You don’t order anything from anyone because everything is fake
  3. You order from us and receive the services from high quality profiles just like you saw in the examples