How can buying LinkedIn comments help your business?

You might wonder why you should buy LinkedIn comments and how you and your business could benefit from them. Let’s see the undeniable benefits!

Buy LinkedIn comments to get the attention of people!

The more comments you have, the more appealing your post looks in the news feed. When people scroll over their news feed, they tend to skip posts with no engagement and stop at posts with a lot of engagement. The reason is that people don’t have time to read everything. They have to be selective, and having many comments and likes on a post helps them decide which post is worthy of their time and attention.

Buy LinkedIn comments to grow your post’s organic reach!

When you post something on LinkedIn, just like on any social media, their algorithm decides how many people should see your post, based on how interesting and engaging it is. Of course, this algorithm will not read your post and evaluate it based on the text or the attached images or video. This evaluation is based on the engagement of your post.

The reason is that LinkedIn wants valuable, exciting content that keeps people on their platform. If your post has no engagement, no likes, no shares, no comments, then the algorithm will consider your post as something not interesting. That’s bad news for you because that means instead of your post, the algorithm will select someone else’s post and display that in the news feed to keep them in front of their screens. Now you see that the more comments you have, the more valuable your post looks to other people and LinkedIn.

Buy LinkedIn comments to boost your sales with a twist!

As we all know, people hate reading log advertisements, boring feature and benefit lists. But then, without reading all those, how could they possibly see how amazing your services are? The solution is using LinkedIn comments to provide extra information about your services in an organic-looking, not spammy way.

Here is an example: Let’s say you are a business development consultant, and in your latest post, you promote your service with some nice call to action. Then you buy LinkedIn post comments from us that ask thoughtful questions about your service that your prospects are usually interested in.

For everyone, it will look like that there is a huge interest in your service; several people are asking for details: How does it work? How much time does it take to see the results? Is it suitable for their kind of business? Etc. Then you come and answer those questions in the comments.

It’s an excellent opportunity for you to give a little teaser about your expertise, share some smart advice that would help your prospects to realize that your service is incredible and you are a delightful person to work with.

Now you see that instead of posting all this information as part of the advertisement and forcing people to read it – that they would hate – you could use their curiosity and make them read the same information happily. The trick is that it is not boring self-promotion anymore, but thoughtful and relevant questions from people just like them. Seeing the question and your answers can give them the necessary confidence to take action to reach out to you.

And this is not all!

There are several other ways to use LinkedIn comments to grow your business or to land a job. You need to be creative and think, what would your target audience want to hear, catch their attention or convince them that you or your services are the best match for their needs? When you have the answer, contact us, we are here to help you with your next LinkedIn comment campaign.