Preparing for „Money Tour”? You must read this before you fail!

When people in business look for capital, try to pitch investors, they often face common problems: The lack of trust and reputation. It’s easy for someone with a proven track record of launching multi-billion dollar businesses to find additional investors and funding. But what can you do if you just don’t have that reputation yet? You might have big plans, have the necessary self-confidence, your business totally makes sense, but somehow they turn you down all the time. You are smart, you’ve figured it out already: It’s because you represent too much risk.

Prepare for Money Tour Linkedin

You can quickly change the scenario if you have people behind you, recommending you as a reliable business partner. It’s easier/safer for others get on the bandwagon and invest into a proven, ongoing, successful business of yours, than trusting a newcomer. Of course, when you start a business you don’t have this social proof, and your first partners are obviously afraid.

What can you do to solve this problem quickly?

Nowadays having a LinkedIn profile is almost as crucial as having a phone number. You can’t do business without a phone, and you pretty much can’t do business without a LinkedIn profile. It’s weird if someone is missing out from social media: Why is he invisible? Is he hiding something? Is he a weirdo with some “big brother watching us” conspiracy theory and paranoia issues?

You must be on LinkedIn and present yourself in the best possible way. Unfortunately having a LinkedIn profile itself won’t help you too much, but it’s a good start towards your goal. Let’s say you’ve just registered on LinkedIn or didn’t put too much effort into building your network or being active. You didn’t think it’s important, or you didn’t have time for it, maybe you felt like social media is a waste of time. But at the end of the day, you’ve ended up with no or just a few social proof on your profile that could back up your business. When people visit your profile, they can see a few connections – mom, dad, classmates, coworkers, maybe some neighbors – a few endorsements here and there and that’s it.

Not having LinkedIn Endorsements and Recommendations is a big warning sign, saying:
– This person doesn’t care about networking; he is not a people person.
– This person might be not worthy of endorsing/recommending according to his connections.

Would you do business with someone like that?

Fortunately, with the help of LinkedJetpack, you can boost your reputation in no time! You can order our personal promotion services to gain a lot of LinkedIn Endorsements to back up your skills. The more people are endorsing you for the critical skills – that are necessary for your business -, the bigger the confidence of your future business partners, investors will be.

The LinkedIn Recommendations are an even more powerful way to kickstart your reputational background. You can get people saying it was a good decision doing business with you and the only thing they regret is they didn’t team-up with you earlier. Your future visitors will see these recommendations, and they will immediately see that you are the man!

Buying fake LinkedIn Endorsements and recommendations… Seriously?

Of course, these social signal will be “fake” regarding people didn’t give them because they had these opinions about you. But let’s address this morality question for a moment: Let’s see how can you be more successful by “advertising” yourself.

Deep down we know very well, that 90%+ of all advertisements are lies. Just look at any packaging and then compare it with the contents. Even if the difference is often shocking, we tend to keep buying these products anyway, and don’t care about the daily amount of lies the marketing industry forces down on our throat.

Buy LinkedIn Endorsements

Also in the commercials, all the people who are smiling and happy about the advertised product are paid actors obviously. But we still keep going with the flow and buy these products, because we want to be as happy as the paid actors we’ve seen! Did you realize for example, that all women in salad/fitness food commercials are laughing? Seriously it looks like the salad contains Marihuana or something. Really weird when you spot it:

Buy LinkedIn Endorsements

You obviously won’t have better mood by eating salad, and exercising is rather hard/exhausting/painful than a joyful activity. But we keep living with these lies around us, accepting them as an alternate reality that we chasing forever. So why can’t you do the same? Why can’t you make an alternative reality for yourself? Let’s just say:

“Alternative facts”

– Kellyanne Conway

Of course, the decision is yours. You know very well how it goes, how startups do growth-hacking to nail the rapid growth after initial market penetration, how hard is to get the first investor who will attract the following ones. It’s the same with LinkedIn Endorsements and recommendations. When you have the seed investment: endorsements/recommendations, the next ones are easier to get, because you have the initial seed planted already, that helps you to grow! After a while, you can even get rid of the original seed if you want, since you will receive so many real LinkedIn recommendations from your true business partners, that the original fake social proof won’t be necessary anymore. People will more likely to join your attractive, recommended bandwagon.