Is LinkedJetpack a Scam?

There are a lot of shady businesses online, a lot of websites try to get people’s money on a daily basis with different tricks and just simply selling overpriced but terrible quality products and services. Here on we try hard to build our brand and show the world we are a legit business, to gain our visitor’s trust and deliver the best quality service possible, including LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations.

Trust LinkedJetpack Buy LinkedIn Endorsements

First of all, every buyer is protected by their bank card issuer’s buyer protection program for 180 days! If we don’t deliver or the delivered services are significantly different than advertised, you can start a chargeback procedure and your bank gives the money back to the buyer. But our buyers don’t need to go this far, because we give their money back immediately if they are not satisfied with our service.

Unfortunately, other websites selling similar services were already eroding the market, by selling bad quality service, or simply running a scam business and not giving anything to their customer in exchange their money. That is why the customers’ trust in this niche is very low and hard to gain. Even the official PayPal “money back guarantee” was not enough for some visitors to give LinkedJetpack a try, so we come up with something new!

To prove that LinkedJetpack is not a scam, but a legit, quality service provider, we started selling our services without an upfront fee! That means the customer can order the services for free and pay after the successful delivery if he is satisfied. Absolutely no credit card data needed, no pending charge, nothing. We give our best and the customer pays only if he is satisfied with the delivered LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations.

Since there is nothing to lose, there is no money involved in the ordering process, we hope it’s clear for everybody now that LinkedJetpack is a legit business and not a scam. Moreover, the quality of the delivered services are high, otherwise, the customers wouldn’t pay after the delivery.