How to change the order of the LinkedIn endorsements (not the skills)

Let’s say you just received a bunch of endorsements from your friends, what is a very nice thing. But that also means that your friends will be displayed as the latest 12 people who endorsed you in your skill list, and you might not want them there, but some more serious business connections, employees, customers, and so on. Fortunately, there is a way to change the order of the endorser people, but brace yourself because it’s not the easiest thing ever:

Open your profile on a computer (because this feature is not available in the mobile app at the moment) and scroll to the skill list. Now hover your pointer over the skill list, so a little pencil icon will show up right next to it. Click the icon and click the now visible: “manage endorsements” link too. This will take you to a super hidden (I mean no one know that it’s there) menu, where you can rearrange your LinkedIn endorsements.

So you have some LinkedIn endorsements that you received long-long time ago from a distant galaxy, and now you want to put them to the front of the list, to display those people’s profile pictures. First, you need to disable all the endorsements you want to move to the front. Once you did this save the changes and refresh your profile. Here you might also want to drink a coffee or for some some other reason wait 1-2 minutes so LinkedIn will actually have time to save the changes.

Now go back to the same menu, and activate the previously disabled endorsements. Save the changes, refresh your profile and voila, now the old endorsements are the newest ones. Neat trick, isn’t it?