How to change the number of endorsements on a LinkedIn profile?

Let’s say you have no endorsements at all and suddenly one morning you find 20 endorsements arrived at all your skills! Wow, that is amazing, but also a little bit weird isn’t it? Normally people have a different amount of LinkedIn endorsements on their skills, not equal numbers on all skills. What can you do to your LinkedIn profile if this happens?

There is a quick and easy solution for this:
Open your LinkedIn profile on a computer, scroll to the skill list and click the little pencil icon next to the skill list. The pencil icon might be visible only if you hover your cursor over the skill list. It will appear right next to the skill list. After clicking that icon, click the “manage endorsements” link. This will take you a menu that you probably never seen before.

There you can disable (make invisible) individual skills in your skill list. To make the numbers different on your skills, you just need to randomly disable some LinkedIn endorsements here and there and save the changes.

When you refresh your profile, you will see the quantity of your LinkedIn endorsements are now different as you wanted. Of course, you can enable the invisible endorsements later any time.