The best LinkedIn recommendation examples

Are you looking for the best LinkedIn recommendation examples? We have the best and biggest LinkedIn recommendation sample collection for you. We constantly harvest new recommendations and update our database, so you can find the best LinkedIn recommendations on our website. Moreover, you can make your own, 100% personalized recommendations using our free LinkedIn recommendation generator on our website.

Why LinkedIn recommendations are important and how what makes one good or bad?

The most powerful social proof you can have are the recommendations. They can express several things, such as the high quality of your work or back up the fact that you have a stunning personality, working together with you is awesome. You are a thoughtful and productive team player who is a great asset for the company.

But general recommendations are not the best because most of these things are true to a lot of professionals. You can make your recommendations more personal by highlighting some skills and adding some personal details, for example, Jim is a terrific software developer, he really aced at MonkeySoft. His PHP and MySQL knowledge are vast, several times when he hit an obstacle in the project and stuck, he come up with a brilliant solution that kept the team moving forward.

In this LinkedIn recommendation example, you can see that Jim is a team player, he has good ideas, he is not just a passive spectator who does what he’s told, but proactively participating and giving value to the company using his programming skills.
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