How to Write a LinkedIn Summary That’ll Help Land You a Job?

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networks for business insiders and various professionals. This platform helps to expand the network of business contacts, to learn about the news of colleagues or the industry as a whole. The most valuable thing is that you can collect all the information about your career path and professional achievements in one place with its help. But the fact that here you can find a decent job is even more valuable!

In other words, your profile on this platform can be your portfolio and even a good addition to the CV! Today HR managers are really hunting for good professionals with this social network. Based on this, any information that you indicate in your profile should be treated with full responsibility. Indeed, the correct presentation of information can open the door for you to a promising future.

Tips for Writing an Explosive Resume

Many LinkedIn users believe that their profile on this site is an exact copy of the CV. Yes, in a way it is. But it is much more!

Your profile is a personal brand, your business card. Agree, creating a similar CV with the one that you already have makes no sense. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at how to create a spectacular summary!

Understand the Tasks of Your Lin Summary

The main task is to display all your skills and abilities, which are the most important for your profession. For example, you can show how you brought profit for the company and what amount it was.

For IT professions and technical specializations, it is necessary to describe product creation skills and the ability to master various technologies.

If your profession is related to marketing, then you need to mention all implemented projects. “3+ years in the marketing department” statement is what will ruin your summary! In general, you probably caught the point.

Formulate Your Strengths Correctly

If you cannot present your strengths, then it is difficult to achieve effectiveness from the summary. For instance, you should do this in a next way: “I have achieved such success due to the fact that I was doing something”.

Many people write something like “I wrote articles for Cosmopolitan.” But it will not produce such success as “I published more than 30 articles because I was engaged in the analysis of this area for X years.”

That is, it is worth demonstrate your qualities according to the following pattern: a story that demonstrates quality, how this story reflects the quality and how this quality has brought success to you or the company.

The basis of a spectacular summary is not just your biography, but a success story. This is a story in which your places of work and periods are not dryly mentioned. You must reflect on how interconnected your education and training, career path, personal qualities, and the position you want to get. Learn to turn your strengths and skills into benefits for the employer.

Visual Information Matters

Providing proof of your skills is what you need on this platform to attract employers. If you write articles, shoot videos, create projects, then you need to show it!

Analyze the profiles of professionals in your field. You will no doubt find the fruits of their work as demonstration material. Therefore, you certainly need to do this!

Take Care of Your Profile Photo

Like it or not, the photo plays an important role in attracting attention to your profile. No matter how cool your summary was described, but the photo creates a very powerful first impression!

If creativity is welcomed in your area of ​​activity, be sure to take just such a photo.

The profile photo should not be where you are in full growth since the visitors will not see anything in the miniature version! Remember the following points when choosing a photo:

  • Smile sincerely.
  • Look at the camera.
  • Your face should occupy most of the photo.

Use Background Photo

Few users are aware of the fact that you can make a background image. This will certainly attract attention and make your profile truly catchy. But this should not be your selfie, because in this case, we use LinkedIn for professional advancement.

Here are some ideas you can use:

  • Photo from a business event. For example, where you were invited as the speaker.
  • Screens of your work portfolio.
  • Your personal logo.
  • Or a photo of where you are in the workflow.

Do not neglect this idea! This will create an unforgettable view of your profile. But the key is that few people use this tip!

Your Contact Info Must Be Visible

Sometimes, many people lose sight of privacy settings. A lot of users hide their contact details in order not to get various promotions and spam. However, when it comes to finding a job, hidden contact information can play a bad role.

Not all employers will communicate with you within LinkedIn for a job offer. Many want to immediately call or send details to your email. Therefore, in order not to encounter a sense of lost profit, simplify the work of the employer or HR, and open access to contacts.

Take Care of Your Profile Link

This is the final stage so that your summary looks perfect and no other aspects spoil it. As you understand, the initial link of your profile will contain a set of different letters and numbers. But this option is not suitable to be competitive!

Use keywords that are relevant to your profession in your link. Build it in such a way that users can understand what you are doing just by looking at the link. For example,

What information will you receive from this link? You know only the name and the occupation remains unknown.

In this link, it becomes clear that Martina works in the field of PR and she’s a manager.

So, looking at your link, the visitors of your profile should immediately understand who you are and what you do! It only takes a few minutes but will increase your chances of appearing in the desired search result.

Today you learned the basic methods and tricks with which you can make your summary incredible. It is not so difficult, but it brings you closer to the work of your dreams! And with this, you can make sure that such a job can find you!

About the Author: Kristin Savage nourishes, sparks and empowers using the magic of a word. Along with pursuing her degree in Creative Writing, Kristin was gaining experience in the publishing industry, with expertise in marketing strategy for publishers and authors. Now she works as a freelance writer at Studicus and GrabMyEssay.