Guide for buying and using fake LinkedIn profiles

For many years, people asked us if we have LinkedIn profiles for sale and starting from today, we can happily say:
Yes, we can help you with that!

Of course, you might ask, why on earth would anyone buy LinkedIn profiles? And the best answer is that if you ask that question, you most likely don’t need extra LinkedIn profiles, but anyway, just keep reading, so you will see when it could be a good idea to buy LinkedIn profiles for others…

You could buy LinkedIn profiles and set them up to be your fake employees. Instead of presenting your business as a solopreneur, you could pretend to be a real company with many employees, not just you and your cat, delegating tasks to each other. Even if you are perfectly capable of handling a job, your clients might be more comfortable if they believe a whole team works for them. The perception of the value of your service might seem higher for them.

You could buy LinkedIn profiles to be your brand ambassadors.

They could spread appraisals, give you and your company recommendations, ask insightful questions, drive conversations in your posts, or direct potential customers to you from other’s posts on LinkedIn. With your profile, you could not do any of these because that would look bad as you self-promote yourself.

You could buy LinkedIn profiles and use them for more sales.

Let’s say you have a well-established sales pipeline, a fantastic offer that you would like to share with your target audience… but with a single profile, you are too limited in terms of daily allowed interactions on LinkedIn. With additional profiles, you could send more private messages, comment, like and share more than a singe profile could. Then it’s an absolute must to have some other profiles to meet your sales/marketing target.

You could buy LinkedIn profiles and use them for market research and data mining on LinkedIn

They could significantly expanding the daily/monthly search limits by using multiple accounts. If you are using LinkedIn for serious business, then you must have already run into their search limits at least once. LinkedIn protects their precious user database so strictly that they don’t let you do unlimited searches or view all the search results and user profiles. Not even with a premium subscription! The only solution to have extensive market research is by using multiple profiles.

As you can see now, having multiple LinkedIn profiles can be beneficial.

So what keeps you from doing all of the things we described above?

You might have tried registering more LinkedIn profiles, but then soon you realized that it’s not as easy as it seems because LinkedIn is quite good at keeping you from having multiple profiles and restricting them.

Then you might have tried buying LinkedIn profiles from other websites, but they gave you freshly registered empty profiles without profile photos, or profiles with some hilarious job experiences like “CEO of Facebook” and stock photo profile pictures that didn’t even match the gender of the profile. As you started setting up the profiles, LinkedIn restricted them.

Does this sound familiar?

Lucky for you, you’ve found us!
This is how it will go from here:

You receive aged profiles that were working without any problem for months, and it’s likely to keep working if you use them properly. The profiles are from the United States. They have 500+ connections, proper job experience listed, education, skills, just like any other LinkedIn profile, and the best is that our profiles come with appropriate profile photos!

If you paid attention, you spotted the phrase “if you use them properly.” And indeed, that is the most important part of the whole thing because it doesn’t matter how established an amazing profile we give you; you can get it banned almost immediately if you don’t know how to use it.

Don’t worry; we are not going to keep this secret. Here is the deal:

  • Our profiles are from the United States, so you have to use VPN or proxy servers to access the profiles unless you also live there. Very important that you should use a PRIVATE service, not some public, shared service. Why? Simple: If you used a shared service, then some other users might have spammed the s*it out of LinkedIn from the same IP address that you are going to use. When you log in with your profile, LinkedIn would be like: “Argh, the spammer is back!” and restrict your profile for something that someone else did… from the same IP address before.
  • Use your additional profiles like your own. That means, don’t try to spend 1000 private messages and connect to 1000 people immediately. You would get your profile restricted for that immediately, so don’t expect anything different from a profile that you’ve just bought. Respect the rules of LinkedIn, don’t spam, don’t draw unnecessary attention to your profile.
  • If you use multiple profiles, make sure to use them in different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.) and use separate IP addresses for every profile and use different cookies. If you log in from the same computer from the same IP with the same cookies to multiple profiles, getting the profiles restricted is just a matter of (not that much) time. There are several browser plugins for handling cookies and proxies separately, or as suggested, use multiple browsers, and your problem is mostly solved.

If you pay attention to these three things, you could very likely fly under LinkedIn’s radar without them noticing that you control multiple profiles.