How to Fulfill Your Dreams on LinkedIn?

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I was hardly ten years old when I wrote my first story. Much appreciation from my parents and teachers encouraged me to write more and in 9th standard I held the position of sub-editor for a school magazine. Soon I realized that writing was my in-born skill and gave me ultimate inner satisfaction. But somehow, my interest remained a hobby and I chose to earn a business degree at college level. I was hardly 24 when I got my first real job as assistant project manager and I knew it meant a whole world for me.

I was happy and planned a lot for my future until the day I got my back and right leg severely injured in a road accident. Life grew dark and I saw the worst face of the world that I always used to read about in books but never happened to actually see it. Certainly, I lost my job and most of other dear things and my survival were in danger. I had to do something to get my bills paid and to continue my treatment. Writing was the skill I had and I knew it wasn’t easy to earn this way. But, something was better than nothing and this thought motivated me to start writing as a professional. Because of reference of some good friends, I managed to get few tasks that went well. Although the content was getting paid far less as compared to my efforts, my writings started getting published in some unknown journals and magazines. I still remember the day when all of the “Bright Mag” article writers were called to join to the editor on an annual dinner and I met a senior well-known writer, who used to write in other top-class journals and for electronic media as well. During some usual discussions he told me how LinkedIn endorsements helped him in finding good work with good income package. Our chit chat continued for a while but I had got my plan. Just after reaching home, I started finding the benefits of LinkedIn endorsements and after few days of research I was bewildered how come I didn’t know about such a wonderful opportunity earlier. I created my LinkedIn profile and bought a $50 endorsement plan from initially. Without any embarrassment, I admit I was impatient to see it working and to my utter surprise it worked within a month. People started contacting me, asking for my sample articles and stories and showing interest in working with me. LinkedIn real recommendations built up my trust and with almost 75 free connections my online persona caught the attention of many freelancing companies as well who were interested in assigning big writing projects. After 3 months I upgraded my LinkedIn endorsement plan to premium level and entered into a new world of professionalism.

Struggle and hard work is the key to success but without it could take years to accomplish this much in such a short time. Now I am a well-treated and healthy person exploring new horizons in electronic media and  a successful customer of Linkedinjetpack endorsements. My next plan is to start my own business but LinkedIn will always remain my partner.