How to Use the Free LinkedIn Recommendation Generator?

We tried to make our Free LinkedIn Recommendation Generator as simple as possible, but it still might need some explanation.

In this post we explain in detail how to make the best LinkedIn recommendation examples or samples.

Let’s start with some facts:

The recommendation generator works with real life recommendations that we collect from LinkedIn. That means these sentences were formulated by real humans. If they have some grammatical errors, that is because real humans made those mistakes.

We are constantly extending the database of the Free LinkedIn Recommendation Generator.

At the moment it can generate more than 10 million different recommendations per genre, and if we factor in the synonym variations, that will boost this number to billions of variations. It is important to mention that not every LinkedIn recommendation example contains every piece of data you input.

Sometimes the skills, the position title, position domain, or company is missing. This is not a mistake; this makes the generated LinkedIn recommendation samples more diverse.

Let’s see what data you need:

  • Genre
    This customizes your recommendation to “him” or “her”.
  • Name
    This can be the first name “Jonathan” or the full name “Jonathan Smith” or just the last name “Mr. Smith”.
  • Position Title
    This is the official title of the job, usually what is on the business card. “CEO”, “Regional Sales Director”, “Web Developer”, “Photographer”, etc.
  • Position Domain
    This is what the person does, in one or two words. Basically if you ask the person, “What do you do?” or “What field do you work in?”, he would answer: “Programming”, “Leadership”, “Sales”, “Recruitment”, “Graphics Design”, “Medicine”, “Development”, etc.
  • Company
    This is the company where the subject was working.
  • Skills
    This should be a list of 2-3 main skills that are worth mentioning. For example “programming, software development, C++”

Let’s see how does a recommendations example look like:

Jonathan is a person with great skills and profound experience of modern business solutions. He thinks on the cutting edge of programming, software development, c++. Excellent and result driven. Works towards maximal customer satisfaction. He is ready to deal with difficult situations and solve the problems on time. I would like to think everything I learned about Programming I learned from Jonathan. Through the years, we worked on various projects at Facebook and I was impressed by his manner of doing a great job. I absolutely would recommend him as Senior Software Engineer.