Buying LinkedIn Endorsements will expand your reach

Lately we were very busy delivering LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations to our customers, and didn’t have time to update our blog with fresh testimonials. Here is the newest one, from a satisfied customer, who decided to buy LinkedIn endorsements and of course it turned out to be a great idea. With the new connections we provide, your network reach will expand by millions of professionals, who also can find you when looking for a business partner or a candidate for a new position and buying endorsements and recommendations will support your profile’s credibility:

I lost my job. What an economy, right? I lost my job of twelve years in an industry that pretty much just disappeared overnight. Not only was I not able to find another job, but everyone I knew for over a decade in the industry was also out of work. There were no more jobs in the industry, so I had to try to find a job in something completely new and work my way up from the ground, same as I had done before, but this time starting all over again.

What I quickly realized was that, obviously, I am not the only one looking for work. I had been one of the best in the business, which meant the company I worked for held on to me until the bitter end. I was there until they finally were forced to close their doors and shut off the lights. I can never express how grateful I am to that company for trying so hard. But there’s the catch: while I was treading water on a doomed ship that was definitely going to sink eventually, all the other people from all the other companies, and mine, and other industries who had already been laid off months and months before I was had all taken all of the life boats and had been safely wading in the “hire me!” waters for all those months. By the time my ship finally sunk, there was not a lifeboat, or a job to be found.

Finally, my wife and I sat down at the kitchen table, and my head in my hands, I, for the first time in my entire life opened up to her and told her that I was sincerely scared. I told her I had tried everything in the world I could think of and I couldn’t find any kind of work. None. There was just nothing.

I love my wife. She really is an amazing woman. I know “everyone says that” blah blah, but I’m serious. I was losing it, literally my hair was falling out in my hands, at the kitchen table, I’m not even exaggerating. She rubbed my back gently and said, “what haven’t you tried?” I was so frustrated at the moment, I really did kinda, no, not kinda, I really did raise my voice and yell “NOTHING!!” “There is nothing I HAVEN’T tried. I have tried everything! Facebook, Linkedin, all of the local job search sites, all of my industry related “job finding sites” (what a joke that is), all the papers, the craigslists, friends, family…” She cut me off and said, “what about my family?” “Call Paulie. Maybe he has something that will help you.”

Now, I knew that my wife must have been already talking to Paulie about the situation. Paulie is my brother-in-law, my wife’s sister’s husband. I like Paulie, I do, but he has some computer business and makes websites, or something like that. I know how to use a computer. I can make spreadsheets all day, type up legal documents, there’s a lot I can do with a computer, but I am not a “computer guy”. But I love my wife, so when she stepped away from the table, dialed her sister, and immediately got Paulie on the other end and said, “hold on, Jim wants to talk to you” I picked my head up out of my hands, cleared my throat and said as normally as I could, “Hey brola, what’s up with you?” Like I always did.

I’m not going to go into all the detail of our conversation where I tried to pretend my situation was no big deal and he tried to pretend he believed me, both of us knowing wayyyy better than that. But I’ll get strait to the part that matters: I told Paulie everything I had done, and how I had been using the internet in every way humanly possible and nothing was helping. He laughed and said, “Brola, you are workin’ too hard. You know I only started this business what, three, four years ago? I started doing the same things you are doing to find clients, and trust me, finding clients in only one area of business is harder than finding anyone offering any kind of job. What I figured out, and quickly was if you know where to go, what to search and what to use, the internet actually will do the hard work for you. You don’t need to find the people you are looking for, you need them to find you!” Then he said the words he loves to say about everything he knows about that you don’t: “Google it. Look up ‘’, you’ll thank me later.”

I said, “Is that all you got, man?” He laughed and said, “that’s all you need, man. Check it out, try it out, and call me in two weeks.”

I did as he said and let me sum up the phone call from two weeks later: “Hey brola, what’s up with you? I got a job! AND it’s in the industry I thought I would never work in again AND it’s steady AND it’s 30 miles from my house!” He just laughed and said, “Told ya!” Now I owe him. And I do. That site saved my…everything. I was going to lose it all and it saved it ALL. If anyone is going through the same thing I was, stop wasting months and going through all the same crap I was. Just google it. Try it.