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I wish I had bought endorsements and recommendations earlier. I would not have had to spend so long scrounging job listings for a fresh start to my career. I would not have felt so anxious about budgeting my savings or taking small jobs in the meantime while I looked for some worthwhile work. I would not have spent so many sleepless nights agonizing about what I was going to do with my life if I didn’t find a job soon.

When I got laid off, I thought of it as something of a short retirement. It wouldn’t be permanent- I didn’t have nearly enough money saved up to allow me to live off of it for the rest of my life. But it would be a nice little break from the day-to-day toil of living on a schedule. I could relax, sleep in as much as I wanted to, and get some stuff done around the house. Eventually, I’d look for a new job, send in my resume, and go back to work. It would be easy!

After a month of relaxing at home, a burning worry began to gnaw at me. Would it really be that easy to get a new job? My resume wasn’t the best, but it should let me land some good work, right? Another month passed and that worry continued to grow. My doubts became harder to assuage.

I began searching the Internet for a new job. Fortunately, there were many listings available that would allow me to live just as I had before. I wouldn’t have to move or find new insurance. I could go back to living in the security of having work to do and being paid good money for it. But every single time, I was turned down before even having the chance to interview for the job. My resume was decent, so why was it that I couldn’t even make it past the first step to getting a job?

I decided that updating my Linkedin profile might hold the answer. I hadn’t updated the information on it for at least a year, so I wasn’t surprised to see just how out-of-date it was. After polishing my profile to a shine, I noticed my lack of endorsements and recommendations. But those don’t really matter, right? It’s easy to get a job without them! Lots of people do, right?

I continued to apply to jobs, now looking beyond the scope of my local area. If I couldn’t find a job here, I would just have to have a longer commute, but that’s alright. Maybe I could get the company to pay for the gas money it would take to get to and from work. Or I could work from home.

Once again, every single application of mine was denied. I was able to land a couple of interviews, but they never went anywhere at all.

My savings were beginning to run a little low. I could continue to live comfortably off of them for a couple of years, but I would have to begin seriously budgeting sooner rather than later. It would be nice to get a job before I would have to worry about that.

Again and again, I’d apply for jobs and go to interviews, but I would never hear back from the company. I had to apply for jobs so far away that I could only be interviewed via Skype. But I still would never land the job.

Money was becoming a bit tight, so I had to begin sitting down every few weeks and spend at least an hour budgeting my expenses. On top of that, I had begun picking up odd jobs around the neighborhood. I started by earning a little cash by petsitting and babysitting, but it was nothing that I could live off of nor particularly wanted to do for any significant length of time. Eventually, it progressed to part-time jobs at local restaurants. I was bussing tables and washing dishes when I used to design circuitry. Not only did it pay far, far less, but it ate away at my dignity.

I was sick and tired of worrying over my waning funds and pointless part-time work. I wanted to go back to advancing my career and living almost luxuriously off of my paychecks. I emailed the companies that had previously turned down my applications and asked them what it was about my application that made them deny it.

Nearly each and every time, they referenced the lack of recommendations and endorsements on my Linkedin profile. Something that I had assumed had hardly any impact on influencing my ability to get a job.

This was the guiding knowledge I needed. With this, I could finally get the job I wanted. I could go back to work. I just needed to upgrade my Linkedin.

I searched the Internet for the easiest method of doing so, and discovered I could hardly believe it- a website that would let you gain recommendations and endorsements without any effort at all! Not only were the reviews of this website wonderful, but their prices were also fantastic!

I applied to the best jobs I could find within an hour of purchasing from and was astonished to find that my applications were swiftly responded to. My week had transformed from being a dull monotony of little jobs and monetary worries to being packed with promising interviews. Day after day, I donned my suit and went to interview after interview. The companies were no longer in charge of my life. I was.

After being handed my pick of wonderful jobs, I choose the one closest to my home and with the most benefits and pay. I was finally back to working on what I loved most. I was finally back to developing my skills and knowledge as a designer. I was finally back to living the way I wanted to in conditions even better than before I had been laid off. Because of, I had unlocked the secret to making the most of every job application and getting the job I wanted.