Linkedin followers vs Linkedin connections

The main difference between Linkedin followers and Linkedin connections is that you can only interact with your connections (message, endorse, recommend) also they grow your LinkedIn network. Followers are less useful, they only get notifications of your content, nothing else.

This is the short and simple explanation, what is the differece between Linkedin followers and Linkedin connections. But like anything in life, this is also no this simple. There are some other important differences, so please keep reading:

Benefits on LinkedIn connections

  • Every connection is automatically your follower as well, while followers are not your connections.
  • With more connections you are more visible on LinkedIn.
  • With more connections you can find more people on LinkedIn.
  • With 500+ connections, your profile looks more influential.
  • You can interact with your connections, receive endorsements, recommendations.
  • You can message your connections, ask for help or sell them your services, etc.

Benefits of LinkedIn followers

  • Your follower’s posts don’t show up in (and pollute) your news feed.
  • Having followers over connections keep your contacts list more clean and vetted.
  • Company pages can only have followers they can’t have connections.
  • You can only have 30.000* connections on LinkedIn, but unlimited followers.

*Actually, you can have more than 30.000 connections, but when you reach 30.000 then you won’t be able to send more invitations. Of course you can still accept other people’s invitations, so you are able to grow your network further if that’s your goal.

Drawbacks of LinkedIn connections

  • You are open to potential SPAM messages from your connections.
  • Your news feed might be polluted with your connections’ unrelated posts.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of differences between followers and connections on LinkedIn. If you are an influencer a thought leader, talking to masses, then you should concentrating on growing our follower base because your communication is mostly one-way. You produce content, your followers consume that content. In case some of them would like to reach you, then they could comment on your posts or send you a connection request.

In case you are in sales or you are looking for a job on LinkedIn, then you should go for more connections. That way you are able to start one-on-one conversations wih your potential prospects, clients, employers, etc.

Whatever your goal is, we got your back!
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