Best Linkedin Recommendations Examples

Best Linkedin Recommendations Examples

This article focuses on how to write the best LinkedIn recommendations in a way that will get you or someone to be favored. People who view your profile will want to know more about you through the recommendations that are posted to your profile. That enables them to know what others have to say about you, and if you are the best fit for their needs and requirements.

Before we dive deep into this topic

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First, some general thoughts about LinkedIn

LinkedIn, as a social site, is the most professional of the major social networking websites that are used by millions of business people all over the world. It covers a better part of business social media leads. Therefore, LinkedIn should form part of your social media marketing strategy.

Basically, in LinkedIn, you can set up a personal profile and connect with other professionals you may know or want to know. After that, you will receive status updates on a regular basis anytime your connections update their profiles. Similarly, LinkedIn company profiles can also be set up to allow people to follow your company’s updates. By using LinkedIn, you get access to the best features that not only allow you to see how you are connected to someone through others but also to see how closely you connect to your prospects or customers- and how connected they are to others, including your competitors.

In order to use LinkedIn as a marketing tool, you have to beef up your LinkedIn profile. Your profile is an interactive resume that allows you to list information about you, your work experience and education. In addition, LinkedIn provides you with the most desirable capabilities to improve your profile to showcase your experience. As a member, you get an opportunity to request recommendations from your connections that underscore your expertise and experience, that then significantly improve your profile.

LinkedIn Recommendation

A LinkedIn recommendation is a comment that is written by a LinkedIn member to compliment, commend a boss, business partner or colleague.

LinkedIn members get recommendations when they request it or when another member feels like recommending the other. However, if you are new in the network, you can start by recommending others, who will also return a favor.

Linkedin Recommendations

Why Recommend?

Recommendations help drill deep down into how and why of your experience while working with someone else. They give information about what you are like to work with, as well as your skills and passions. All these make it easier for opportunities to find you.

We also build trust when we recommend someone, and then they become exactly what we had indicated about them especially their skills, character, and professionalism. Our endorsements in future get to be of high quality as trusted and valued colleagues, business partners or students.

Recommendations are an integral part of a LinkedIn profile that will be used by a potential recruiter or partner. Therefore, it is advisable to look for connections and request for recommendations from them. Don’t limit the use of these notes to your profile only but can also use them when applying for jobs elsewhere by attaching a hard copy of the same for reference purposes.

Sources Of LinkedIn Recommendations


When looking for recommendations for job search, co-workers can be a considerable source of testimony about you. Here we are talking about the person whom you are closer to at your workplace than the seniors since they can easily recall your level of competence and service delivery in a particular institution where you have worked together on a project.


The clients who normally interact with the employees on the day-to-day running of company’s businesses can be approached or may willingly decide to give a recommendation. They know about the employee’s efficiency and also the general conduct while at work. Therefore, the potential recruiters who actually want to know about the person’s efforts and also a relationship with the clients may value the clients’ recommendation.

Bosses, Managers

Your former seniors may decide to volunteer to write you a recommendation. In case it’s not possible, then it is better to approach them (depending on the relationship) through phone calls then followed by a request for endorsement. It is because at times they may not have realized your impact directly.

Business Partners

Business associates and those who share common business interests may want to write an appraisal kind of recommendation to recognize the services that are offered by the other associate.

From Outside LinkedIn

Finally, at times you may find that someone wrote a recommendation for you, but then it is outside of LinkedIn, you can get them notified to upload a copy of the same to your profile.

The LinkedIn messaging system makes it easier to include a personal note to accompany your request. These short messages, therefore, add strength to the default request messages. When there is a new recommendation from another member, you will get an email message that will enable you to view the recommendation and request for a revision, if there is the need. If in any way you don’t want the recommendation in your profile, then you can choose not to publish it.

The easiest way to get LinkedIn Recommendations

Simply ask for it! At the right time.

Most of the people miss the opportunity to ask for recommendations when it’s time. Let’s say you delivered amazing results and your manager or client is very happy.

That is the moment when you should ask for a recommendation, while they are genuinely satisfied and happy with the quality of your work. Maybe tomorrow they get angry because of something else, or just feel generally neutral towards you, so use the opportunity and ask for a recommendation now!

Even if you missed the opportunity, you could ask for a LinkedIn recommendation later, but it’s crucial to stay in touch, stay on top of mind with your connections. Asking someone for recommendations after a year could be a bit weird, especially if you haven’t been in contact since then.

We’ve made a Free Motivational Image Generator that can help you to stay on top of mind with your LinkedIn connections. Sharing quality content can help you to stay visible and make it easier to ask for recommendations.

How To Come Up With A Great LinkedIn Recommendation

Start With An Eye-Catching Line

The opening remarks in your LinkedIn recommendation will tell whether it will interest the audience to continue until the end or not. Just like it is with any other good writing, ensure the attention of the reader is caught so as to let them get to the finer details of the rest of the recommendation; otherwise, it will not have achieved its main objective.

While writing about someone, avoid the use of common and vague words that are mostly expected in many other recommendations. Describe the person’s uniqueness using alternative words that can as well explain explicitly the recipient to the reader.

Linkedin Recommendations Examples:

“Christine is an amazing professional, who brings all of the skills and expertise in programming and systems security.”

“Working with Amos is a rare opportunity to come across, a self-driven environmentalist with teamwork spirit.”

“Paul is an extremely creative and innovative manager, who’s also best in guiding his junior employees.”

Indicate Your Relationship To Qualify Recommendation

It is an important requirement to give the reader a context of how you know the person, where and when you worked together and also the job titles held. However, recommendations can be written for a co-worker whom you have worked together at same levels, a manager, or to someone that you’ve worked with. Ensure that you give a positive context and that which is all-inclusive, to explain all that you know about the person as far as your professional relationship is concerned, for the period when you worked together. Show the audience why you are qualified to give the recommendation.

The audience will also want to know about the period of contact with the person, for example, one can give more information about the other if they worked together for three years than those who worked for one year.

Linkedin Recommendations Examples:

“ It was indeed a great pleasure working with Charles as an ICT Assistant for three years at China Road and Bridge Corporation, under my supervision as the company I.T Manager.”

“Stanley has diligently worked as a materials engineer at the Apex Construction Company since 2015, doing supervisory work and delivering recommended materials test results.”

State What Makes The Person Outstanding As A Professional

This part of the recommendation should best put much weight on the introductory remarks and to make the person stand a better chance of being considered for a position by the audience. You should think about the person’s smartness, skilfulness, and abilities that make the recipient good to work with. However, besides the shareable and desirable characteristics, there have to be some which make the person unique. Write about the impacts made by the person to you and the company.

Linkedin Recommendations Examples:

“John’s ability to inspect all workstations, to compile reports in time and to handle all workers with soberness was quite impressive particularly to me. Most of the people who worked as safety officers had to work for years to get to learn from experience on how to handle these responsibilities, which seemed natural to him.”

“Bernard went beyond imaginable limits with his ability to coordinate all hospital activities. He could report to work very early in the morning to check on all departments to see to it that all is in place and also ensure smooth flow of work throughout the day. As a medical officer, he solved all departmental problems with intelligence, calm and confidence.”

Personal Compliment

This bit of your recommendation should contain a sentence that expresses your personal feelings, especially when you worked together with the recipient. It should give a clear picture to the audience and that helps them to know the inner self of the person in question.

Linkedin Recommendations Examples:

“Philip, with his unwavering confidence, made me assured of the best solutions to problems at workplace even when there were few options to employ, indeed he was a shoulder to lean on.”

“She used to wear a smiling face, no matter the condition, and that kept her colleagues warm while they worked together in their department.”

Powerful Closing Remarks

The ending statements must always be strong in a LinkedIn recommendation since you need to give the employer an assurance that the recipient is the best fit for the job. Therefore, the main aim is to further convince the employer to consider the person. Here, you need to give your connection a thumbs-up with a brief statement.

Linkedin Recommendations Examples:

“Franklin’s contribution to our I.T Department led to the improvement of services that our company offers. I’m hopeful he’ll deliver ever more to other institutions as well.”

“Charles, as a dedicated production manager, would be an asset to institutions that will hire his services.”

Go Through Your Recommendation Before Uploading

A great recommendation is that which does have errors. Take some time to scan through your remarks to see if you made spelling, grammatical or typing errors; otherwise, it may not be taken with the seriousness which it deserves.

Ok, now, after all the theory are you ready to give it a try?

Let’s Get Started With Some Recommendation Layouts!

(Name) is a/an (descriptive phrase). It was indeed a wonderful thing to work with (name) as/ a/the (job title) for (period of work) at (name of institution), (description of work relationship).

(Name) capability to (description of what makes the person stand out to be the best).Besides that, (name), (add personal compliment).

I hereby recommend (name) for the next institutions for (description of skills that suits the position). I’m hoping she’ll deliver even more to other workplaces as well.

See examples below from the layout above:

Linkedin Recommendations Example 1:

“Christine is an amazing professional, who brings all of the skills and expertise in accounting and payroll systems. It was indeed a wonderful thing to work with her as the Chief Accountant for three years at XZY Corporation, under my supervision as the Human Resource Manager.

Her capability to prepare employee payroll and to compile all records for payments within a very short time with soberness was quite impressive particularly to me. Most of the professionals who worked in the same capacity had to take years to get to learn from experience on how to handle these responsibilities, which seemed natural to her.

Besides that, Christine with her unwavering confidence made me assured of the best solutions to problems at workplace even when there were few options to employ, indeed she was a shoulder to lean on.

I hereby highly recommend her to the next institutions for efficient accounting skills. I’m hoping she’ll deliver ever more to other workplaces as well.”

Linkedin Recommendations Example 2:

“Working with Amos is a rare opportunity to come across, a self- driven environmentalist with team spirit. He did a marvellous job as the safety officer for six years at XZY Corporation. He could report to work very early, inspect all the workstations and coordinate all field activities in good time, which seemed cumbersome to many other officers at his level.

Amos, with his great motivational and inspirational support, enhanced greatly the interdepartmental relations which further contributed to better outcomes on the company production.

As a colleague in the I.T Department, I recommend him to other institutions who may want to hire his most treasured environmental and safety skills.”

There we are! The best and all-inclusive LinkedIn recommendations that will see your connections lifted higher.

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