LinkedIn is full of recruiters who are looking for candidates for different kinds of jobs. The only question is they find your profile or not? They won’t find you if you don’t have enough connections, your social network is not wide enough and your ranking is low because you don’t have enough endorsements on LinkedIn. Fortunately there is a solution, we can help you rank better, get new connections, endorsements so the recruiters can find you, like it happened in this particular case:

“You gotta make these sandwiches faster. They don’t slice themselves.” Gertrude had a grizzly way of snarling her speech that shook my ears in the worst way. I had no idea why Gertrude had such a nasty sense of entitlement. We were the only two people that worked at the sandwich shop.
“I’m working as fast as I can,” I tried to speak in a knowing tone without sounding passive aggressive. If Gertrude was better at anything than misappropriating authority, it was retaliation.
I desperately needed a new job. Our restaurant was the last business for blocks and blocks that wasn’t at least breaking even. This was embarrassing to me, because I was starting to feel like I had to run the place. The toxic environment was something I figured customers could pick on as well.
The truth was, I had so many skills, from technical kills to soft skills and management skills—but I didn’t ever get recognized for anything. Even worse, I had no LinkedIn endorsements. That was really holding me back.
I had left my previous job on a high note because I had been our firm’s most profitable employee—but then our division was shut down, and all of my colleagues were out of work, too. I couldn’t have them representing me. I needed a different way to show that I had many marketable skills that could translate into huge value for companies everywhere.
Gertrude barked from the back of the kitchen, “Why aren’t the toppings prepared?” They weren’t prepared because there was no way they could be. Gertrude arrived two hours after I did every morning, and that time was spent cleaning and making sure the shop was sanitary and safe for customers. It was either that or the toppings.

I looked up—a customer was waiting to place an order. I had been organizing the register for so long there was no way to tell how long she had been there. But, at least someone came in for lunch. Saturday was usually our best day.
I put on a smile, elevated his tone and did everything I could to make her feel like she was experiencing the customer service I should probably have been giving a bigger company. “Hello, miss! Can I help make something for you?” Even though things were a bit sub-par for me, I still saw value in creating a warm experience for the customer. I had drive deep inside me that wanted to turn our sandwich shop around—even if I didn’t want to work there much longer. It was that innate feeling in my heart that I wish I could get endorsed on LinkedIn.
“Um…” the customer paused. She stared quizzically at the menu overhead. “I…do you have salads?” Those were basically only made of toppings. I obliged.
“Yes, miss. I can get one started right away. Hold on—“ I walked back into the kitchen. Gertrude hadn’t done anything with the toppings, and instead diddled around on her smart phone. I rolled his eyes and grabbed the containers of toppings without saying anything. If I did, he was afraid the customer would overhear. The truth was, even though this job left much to be desired, it paid for my living expenses, and I could not forsake that—and if I worked hard and put love into my efforts, I would be that much better prepared in my next endeavor.

When I went home, I decided that was the last day I was going to be in that kind of environment. It was time to leverage my situation and take my career to the next level.
I sat down at my computer and searched ‘LinkedIn endorsements’ to see what other people were saying about people with my kind of background. That’s when I found
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Starting the very next day, I had people from search firms and placement agencies calling me and reaching out through LinkedIn. I was able to set up five new interviews at different companies the week after I bought my endorsements and landed a new job. This has literally been the best investment I’ve ever made. It’s as if I was able to control my destiny and determine when and how I was going to get my next job.
I’m so grateful for LinkedinJetpack. If it weren’t for them, I would still be working a job I didn’t like—and I wouldn’t nearly as powerful an online presence. If you want to take your career to the next level, contact them today and make a change in your life.