Why isn’t LinkedJetpack more active on social media?

We are in a situation that we sell confidential/private services. We have some testimonials published on our site, but they are also without names because our customers usually don’t want to advertise themselves to the public, as someone who bought LinkedIn endorsements, recommendations, connections or other services. That is why we don’t have a lot of likes, followers, shares, comments on our social media channels. That means when we post something we pretty much post it for ourselves, since no one is haring it further. So posting on social media is just a waste of time. When you apply for a job or go prospecting, armed with your brand new set of LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations, the last thing that you want is to bust yourself by liking, sharing, or retweeting us. There is nothing wrong with that, we totally understand you, so don’t worry about this.

Buy Social Proof on LinkedJetpack

Fortunately, even without the social media hype, the satisfied customers are recommending our services to their trusted friends, coworkers. This “word of mouth” marketing channel is more important for us than a couple of tweets. Instead of posting things that nobody would share, like or retweet, we prefer working on our customers’ orders. If you bought LinkedIn endorsements or recommendations from us, you already know that we work fast and we deliver high quality. Instead of wasting our time on nonsense we deliver value for you!

If you are satisfied with our services, and you know people who could benefit from our services and who you trust, please help them out by recommending us. This way you will be the cool person who revealed the “secret” where can they buy LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations or connections from a reliable source, and maybe their savior too! We can’t express how heartwarming is when we get messages from customers, like last time; A customer told us he landed his dream job at a Fortune 500 company and wanted to say thank you again for our help.

Obviously, it was not on us. Maybe the LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations were just 1% help in the process in the eyes of the recruiter or less. But he gained confidence, by knowing that people are backing up his skills and performance by LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations. Even if he is young, with not much experience yet, it looks like there are people who count on him, who appreciate his knowledge already. This extra confidence can easily be the difference between a job landed or another failed interview.