LinkedIn Tips from the real PROs

There are several website on the internet sharing LinkedIn tips and tricks, but most of these tips are dull and only interesting for the total newbies. Just like our own article the “9 LinkedIn Profile Tips and Tricks for 2016” what is certainly made for the rookie users. But this time let’s see something more advanced this time! We are working on LinkedIn all day, every day. Unlike most of the self-made “LinkedIn Experts” we became real experts because we tried everything possible and even what it’s not possible to make the most out of LinkedIn for our customers who decide to buy LinkedIn endorsements from us.

LinkedIn Crooks or Expert?

For example a common misconception and advice what I read from other experts several time is to customize the invitation message. Well in my opinion this is one of the most stupid thing that you can waste your time on, because that text you write there will be not visible to anyone.

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First of all any semi-advanced user turns off all notifications from LinkedIn, because we don’t want to be bothered with those. Also when you receive more than a certain number of invitations, LinkedIn stops sending you the invitation notification emails separately because they don’t want to SPAM your mailbox. You just receive one email saying something like: “You have 5 new pending invitations” but there will be no personalized invitations, whatsoever.

On the LinkedIn website itself you won’t get any notification text either, just a small icon signaling an incoming connection request and another person will be waiting your acceptance in the pending invitations menu. But the personalized text will not displayed anywhere.

Conclusion? When you see a “LinkedIn Expert” telling you that you should personalize the invitation messages, take my advice and look for someone else, because that guy is a crook.

Here is a real LinkedIn Pro Tip for you

Let’s say you have a lot of skills and you have a lot of LinkedIn endorsements already on your top skills. Usually this happens because people are lazy to scroll down, they just endorse you top skills all the time.

Did you know that you can change the order of the skills on your LinkedIn profile any time?
You just need to open your profile on a computer – because this feature is missing from the mobile app – and click the little pencil icon next to the skill list. There you can drag-and-drop the skills with your mouse wherever you want, for example to the top of the list. Now the lazy contacts will endorse exactly those skills that you’ve put there. This way you can get your lower skills endorsed just like the top ones.

Of course there is an even easier way: Just buy LinkedIn endorsements from us, and we make sure that your skill list will look awesome, but your profile visitors will be stunned how many people expressed you are the master of your skills.