You need a Google Chrome browser first. Our browser extension works only with that. If you use Opera or Firefox, or any other kind of browser, you will need to download and install Google Chrome on your computer. Be also advised that browser extensions (at the time of writing this article) are only supported on desktop computers. On your handheld devices, even if you have Google Chrome, you won’t be able to install extensions. Please visit the Google Chrome Web Store to install the extension, and click on the ADD TO CHROME button.


You need to confirm, that you want to install this extension, so please click the ADD EXTENSION button as well.


You will see clear confirmation that the browser extension was installed on your browser. The ADD TO CHROME button changes to ADDED TO CHROME and there is a little popup window, showing you where can you find the extension in the future, if you want to use it. As you can see, in the top right corner of the browser a small blue icon appeared.


Click the blue icon in the top right corner, and in the appearing window, enter your license code. You can Log-in to the extension by pressing the LOG IN button. From there you can start connecting immediately to other people or you can change the settings, including your invitation message. Have fun, using our extension, we wish you many new LinkedIn connections!