You are on the very first step to a stunning LinkedIn profile!

This questionnaire was designed to gather the necessary information so we can provide you with a compelling, engaging, and professional LinkedIn profile. It is absolutely imperative that you provide as much information as possible. Your answers will assist us in crafting a complete and authentic LinkedIn profile for you.

Please allow for up to an hour to complete this questionnaire. It may take you anywhere from 15 minutes to a full hour to complete. Remember, this is not a writing contest! Do not worry about how well you are writing, just get the main points across; we will make sure it sounds good later.
Have fun!

    Contact information

    Your name

    Your email

    Your LinkedIn profile URL


    Your LinkedIn goal
    Many of our clients tell us they are looking to brand themselves online. Some people are selling a product. Others are trying to network more effectively. What are you hoping to accomplish by having an optimized profile? What do you want out of LinkedIn?

    Your target audience
    Try to get as specific as possible. Recruiters for Healthcare, c level executives at mid- to large-size companies, technology managers in New York City, etc...

    Your main keywords
    Think in terms of the words a person would use to try to find you if they did not know your name. What product or service do you sell? Which words describe what your product or service does for clients? What are your skillsets, specialties, or core strengths? What software programs do you use? What is your industry? Please note: "Dynamic, professional, creative, etc." are NOT keywords.


    What is your elevator pitch?
    The elevator pitch is a short, 30-60 second well crafted business pitch telling someone who you are and why they should want to hire/work with you. For example: "I help companies/individuals achieve..." what results?

    Why did you chose this career?

    What do you love about your job?

    How do you help clients? If we are your client/employer what are you going to do to for us to make our lives/business better?

    What outcomes should they expect from working with you? Write at least three things that your clients/employers get when working with you.

    What are three questions you might ask to qualify your reader as a potential prospect?
    Here is an example: Do you want to stand out on LinkedIn? Do you want to find new clients/job on LinkedIn? Do you want it now? As you can see if all your answers are YES, then you are in the right place, filling this form. Based on this example, what three questions would you ask from your clients?

    Which of your personal attributes have been most beneficial to you in your career? Don't forget to explain why.

    Main accomplishments that shaped your career?
    Think of events or projects that shaped your career path and make you proud. What was the impact of these accomplishments on you or your business and customers?

    Who have you mentored and how did your guidance affect that person, your team, your department, and your company? You can skip if it's not relevant, but keep in mind that most employers appreciate if you have these qualities.

    How do you describe your leadership style? Just like at the previous question, you can skip if it's not relevant.

    What is your corporate/professional/career philosophy?

    What is your goal moving forward? / What do you hope to achieve in short/long term?

    Work experience

    Many LinkedIn members make the mistake of providing only basic information about their work experience, and then they don't understand why they don't get hired and why nobody offers them jobs. Make sure to provide as much information here as possible.
    Company name #1 (most recent or current)

    Job title

    Time period

    Job description
    Describe your job in a simple way. Let's say you meet someone who works in another industry and has absolutely no idea about what do you do at work. Describe your job to them.

    Personal accomplishments
    What tasks and projects did succeed with? Please tell about your personal accomplishments at work that you are proud of that shows that you are not just an average employee but something more.

    What were your responsibilities at work that you were in charge of?

    Company accomplishments
    How did the company perform during your time there, how did you participate in that? Did you entered new markets, sell more products, have more satisfied customers or in any metrics did the company develop and grow while you were there?

    Your takeaways
    Did you learn anything new while working here or develop your professional skills? How was this job beneficial for your career development and valuable experience for the future?

    Company name #2 (previous)

    Job title

    Time period

    Job description

    Personal accomplishments


    Company accomplishments

    Your takeaways

    Company name #3 (previous)

    Job Title

    Time period

    Job description

    Personal accomplishments


    Company accomplishments

    Your takeaways


    Pease provide information on your education. If you did not attend university or college, please provide whatever was your last bit of schooling.
    School Name #1


    Field of study

    Your main takeaway
    What did you learn that turned out to be very valuable in your professional life?

    School name #2


    Field of study

    Your main takeaway

    Career honors & awards

    Have you received any medals, trophies, awards, plaques, or certificates? If so, name.

    Have you ever delivered a keynote or sat on a panel? What was the name of the event, what was the topic you discussed?

    Have you ever been published? Book, magazine article, blog, email newsletter piece...

    Have you ever been appointed to a committee? If so, provide some background.

    Do you sit on any Board of Directors? If so, please provide the Board and your role.

    Were you ever quoted in a newspaper? If so, what was name of the paper, title of article, and the topic/reason?

    Were you ever profiled in a magazine? If so, why & what was the name of the magazine?

    Other? Have you received something that we did not ask about? If so, please provide more info.

    Groups & associations

    Listing real-world professional associations portrays you as an integral force of your community and industry. Please list any groups and associations to which you belong. Examples might include Industry organizations, networking clubs, chambers of commerce, charities, tradeshows, etc. You can even list organizations and associations your company participates in as well. Please don’t just enter the name but also your relation to the entity.

    Online presence

    You can have three websites listed in your contact details. If you have a website, blog or anything important, let us know here.

    Web URL #1

    Web URL #2

    Web URL #3

    Once you have finished and submit the questionnaire, you will receive a confirmation email with all the information you provided. Please reply to that email and attach any additional information you have such as CV/bio/resume, etc.